A Good High Bar Takes Care of Everyone

Our mission is simple: provide high-end luxury cannabis experiences through sophisticated presentation—an out of this world experience for first-timers or connoisseurs alike.
We are a team of consumption specialists, ready to show your guests the ultimate luxury cannabis bar good time. High Bar continues to innovate and bring new experiences to social and corporate events with a focus on style—and compliant when it comes to incorporating cannabis. We are a creative brand and have proven to be a fresh contribution to the culture, from the way we display our concepts to offering the most high-tech and sought-after luxury smoking and vaping accessories in the world.
We provide certified budtenders, cannabis sommeliers, consumption lounges, on-site infusing, vapor on tap and other unbelievable cannabis hospitality experiences.
Our luxury papers for the cannabis pre-roll can be customized in various colours and designs, thematically. Of course, all pre-rolls are placed in their childproof glass tubes for each guest to transport. When guests approach the bar, they can look and smell each cultivar before they can combust. Once you have decided on your favourite strain, a High Bar Certified Budtender or Cannabis Sommelier will educate you on the cultivar you picked—just before passing you a pre-roll or vaporizer for you to enjoy.
High Bar sets the bar high for the next generation of ways to consume weed.