Exploring the Art Galleries of Toronto: A Guide to the City’s Vibrant Art Scene

Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario, has a vibrant and diverse art scene. From larger galleries and museums to smaller artist-run places, there are more than a few places to discover.

Not to mention, the city is known for showcasing the work of artists from all different backgrounds and cultures. 

Overall, Toronto is a great place to explore all forms of art, and if you want to narrow down a few places to go, here is your guide to the local art scene.


Olga Korper Gallery


Olga Korper Gallery is a great place to get a glimpse of both contemporary Canadian and international works. The small loftlike gallery was established in 1973, by Olga Korper. Recently, Korper received the Order of Canada award for her lifelong commitment to Canadian art and artists. Her gallery is a must-see in Toronto.



Nicholas Metivier Gallery


The Nicholas Metivier Gallery was founded in 2004 and it has now become one of the largest contemporary galleries in Canada. According to its website, the focus of this gallery has always been to showcase both Canadian and international artists that demonstrate exceptional quality and originality in all media — with a focus on contemporary painting and photography.



Art Gallery of Ontario


The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has a collection of over 9000 works of art and it is one of the most distinguished art museums in North America. While exploring the gallery, you can view pieces from the Group of Seven and other important Canadian artists. The AGO also hosts many special exhibitions throughout the year, so there is always something new to see.



Royal Ontario Museum


The Royal Ontario Museum has three whole levels of stunning galleries to be explored. From famous Canadian paintings to works from ancient Egypt, you could spend an entire day inside this place. With so much to see and do, it’s the perfect spot to bookmark for the next rainy day.



Stephen Bulger Gallery


This is a small, but mighty gallery in Toronto. The Stephen Bulger Gallery features contemporary photography from both established and emerging artists. It’s the ultimate destination to enjoy original photographs and feel inspired.


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