Jacqui Child’s Holiday Gift Guide

When first coming out as a proud cannabis consumer, like some of us, I lost friends and clients. I was called names, and received hurtful messages. Thanks to cannabis, I now look at things differently, I practice patience and calm. Just try and get me to react negatively after an infused treat. Now I understand the stigma, but refuse to be victimized.
The cannabis community is a diverse community of inspiring humans. I've been welcomed, felt seen and heard. I've been celebrated and empowered and for that, I have so much gratitude. Here’s some people, places and things that make me feel good.

High Haven

While trying to navigate life the best I can, especially during such uncomfortable times, I recognize how blessed I am in so many ways. My friend W has been one of the most inspiring humans I've met in the cannabis community and perhaps in life. We definitely have a bond and I'm so honoured to call her a friend. Her company is https://highhaven.ca/


It was just after legalization that I met, let's call them M and V, and they were extremely welcoming and kind to me. After a few weeks of friendship, M and V invited me to an event in Montreal. The contacts I made at that event soon became the sponsors and brands I would work with for months and years to come. I'm so thankful to M and V.

Their company is Shatterizer: https://shatterizer.ca

The Sporing Company

While posting and sharing my love for cannabis all over social media, a gentleman reached out to me about his start-up and wanted to chat business. Again, weeks and months later, we became great friends. I have spent countless hours with them—in and out of the garden. We've gone to events and expos across Canada, and I cherish those moments, and look forward to more. They are D and A. Their company is https://www.sporingcompany.com/

Kelly's Green Lounge

Three years ago I became pharmaceutical free, thanks to cannabis and plant medicine and the stars definitely had aligned, when I met this next beautiful soul. My friend K has created a welcoming and kind community in a tiny little town in Southern Ontario. The lounge is a place to learn and gather. A place to grow and evolve. The lounge works in the community and online, helping to end the stigma and create change. My sister from another mister, K owns and runs https://www.kellysgreenlounge.ca/

The gifts I've received from the cannabis plant are far too great to be put in mere words. I'm living the healthiest life ever. I cook infused meals with passion, which is funny because I never cooked before. I travel and look at the world so differently, I actually experience it. I am aware, truly aware of the blessings the plant has given me. With eyes and heart wide open, I see you, I see all of you. Just like that, you’re part of something bigger. While most of us will experience a much different holiday season, I hope you still find time to see the good, the gifts and lessons that are all around us. The gifts that cannabis and the community give us all.
May your holiday be GREEN and LIT.