Redecan Takes Brand of the Year, Plus Four More Awards!

Redecan is a family-owned, privately-held licensed producer based in the Niagara Escarpment that’s worked in agriculture for more than 30 years. Using natural sunlight and fresh water, their capsules, pre-rolls, vapes and CBD drops are all designed to be both high-quality and affordable. The budtenders across Canada chose Redecan as the 2020 kind magazine Brand of the Year, and also awarded the company with Best Indica and Sativa Disposable Pens, and Best THC Oils and Capsules. Redecan owner Will Montour got personal on bringing home so many awards.
  • Ben Kaplan: The budtenders chose you brand of the year. What does this mean to you?

    Will Montour: The budtenders are at the frontline of the whole industry and we all owe a lot to them.

  • BK: It’s exciting you won so many awards. You’re our big winner.

    WM: It is an honour to win an award that includes their voices, it makes it so credible and meaningful for us.

  • BK: What role does quality play with your brand?

    WM: Quality is king. Our amazing team works around the clock to ensure all of our products meet the high standards Canadians have come to expect from Redecan. We have all been waiting long and patiently for legal, safe, and enjoyable cannabis options and now that we're here—we want to make it better than ever imagined.

  • BK: Where are you guys going next for 2021?

    WM: For us, 2021 is all about consistency. This includes increasing our supply for a more consistent distribution, as well as streamlining our production lines to meet the needs of Canadian consumers from coast to coast. We are also venturing into edibles this year, which is a first for Redecan.

  • BK: This year was difficult for all sorts of obvious reasons. What’s one thing that restores your faith in humanity?

    WM: Canadians restore our faith in humanity. We see the perseverance, hard work, and compassion first-hand, and we are so proud to call Canada our home. We have never been more confident in our country, and this year is proof that together, we can get through anything. Also good weed. Good weed helps too.

Jessica Ewert, from Canyon Cannabis

Redecan does it right!

From their outstanding flowers and pre-rolls to their exceptional full spectrum oils, Redecan’s products always find a place within my top recommendations. They have followed and maintained a simple basic principle from the beginning. Quality, Value and Consistency. No gimmicks or flashy marketing or goofy named mystery strains. Just good clean cannabis at a very fair price.