The Heroes of Hashish Rise Up From Quebec

Eric Brosseau is the founder of Laurentian Organic Inc. and he believes in modern-technology, but he tempers it with a love for the old school. His company, which has seen complete hashish dominance in his home province of Quebec and has spread out across the country—reaching nearly half the hash market in Ontario by the end of this year—keeps a foot in both the future and the past: the OG legacy market, and also the best of terpene extraction and distillation tech.
“Quebec supplied hash all over Canada, and even the USA, for the past 50 years and we utilized this old-school, ingrained expertise,” says Brosseau, who first cut his teeth in the technology sector and spoke to kind while on a sojourn in France. “Of course, being based in Quebec, we know the hashish market so are able to do things like cold extraction and distillation loved in Quebec’s old school hash market, but by investing back into the company, we’ve also created something that’s never been seen.”
The new creations have paid dividends for Laurentian, which makes its Tremblant Hashish in their hybrid greenhouses and processing facilities in their Lac Superieur compound. Since launching with Mandarin Cookies and Tremblant Kush flower—plus pre rolls and hash—Brosseau’s company has had a massive year.
“We’ll be the main hash supplier for Canada,” says Brosseau, adding that he’s increased production at his facility by 40,000-square-feet, which should triple production by the time he’s ready to release their hash and flower out west. (In Q1 2022, the flower line will increase by 3,000 kilograms.) Laurentian Cannabis may be the fastest growing cannabis company in the world. “We had a master plan—stay as lean as possible and make sure everything is 100% self-financed, no banks and no debt,” says Brosseau, adding that he built his company, like making hashish, one deliberate step at time. “You don’t need the same square footage for hash that you need for flower—hash legwork and labour, but if you’re deliberate and focussed, you can achieve better margins than on flower and help your company grow.”
Growing is something the Laurentian Organic team has enjoyed and with a safe, premium product—the trichomes practically glisten when you open a Tremblant jar—the goal for the new year is to expand. Not only across the country, but also to the type of consumer the team wants to attract. Through an array of new product offerings and community outreach, Brosseau believes—as stigma continues to fall—their premium product is well-suited for the canna-curious mainstream. “I want to go from Cheech & Chong to Oprah—create a wider consciousness and help the entire industry grow,” says Brosseau, adding that his company’s ethos—being as transparent as possible—is setting the new standard industry-wide. Whether it’s Urban Remo, an underground legend in the growing world, declaring Tremblant Hash the best he’s tried in the legal market, or the market share he’s assumed in Ontario, seemingly overnight, Brosseau believes the Canadian market is ready to grow.
“We make a craft product that we’ve been working on for over a quarter of a century with different members of our team and doing old-school hash comes from our background in Quebec,” says Brosseau. “We’re reinvesting in our business and expanding in the new year and the whole industry has such potential, which makes me happy. I’m also just really happy that people are loving our hash.”
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