The New Cultivar We’re Stoked to Enjoy

BC Organic Platinum Punch is the name of the new indica-dominant hybrid from Simply Bare Organics. “We’re excited to introduce BC Organic Platinum Punch, our first small-batch premium cultivar, to consumers across Canada,” said Jesse McConnell, CEO of Rubicon Organics, the company that owns the Simply Bare brand. “The cultivar’s lineage provides a unique combination of terpenes, with a powerful expression of aromas as a result of careful, hands-on cultivation. We look forward to sharing this cultivar with our customers and adding it to our premium line-up.”
The cultivar, exclusively grown in British Columbia, has cherry, blackberry and vanilla flavours and the purple leaves create dense buds, frosted in trichomes.
Salivating yet?
BC Organic Punch by Simply Bare is currently available in BC and Ontario as 3.5 grams of flower and a pre-roll package of three .5grams.