Welcome To Little Jamaica: Chelsea Stewart

Before the pandemic, Chelsea Stewart released her self-titled debut album. When the music industry shut down, she pivoted and opened Fruit & Veg To Go, serving fresh fruit and vegetables in her city. Stewart is young, jazzy and soulful; quick on her feet, the Juno-nominated performer says she is mindful of her blessings. “That’s what reggae does, it gets people through hard times,” says Stewart, who recently released two videos from her album, Forever Your Girl and Glory. With record shops closed and no tour dates, Stewart would sell her album from her purse and she has no ego regarding her music—she just wants to spread joy to as many people as she possibly can.
“Music or food, I’m happy to serve the community. We all need a little help through the pandemic,” she says. “I feel grateful when I wake up in the morning with the sun shining and a brand new day to get one step closer to accomplishing my goals. Not everyone is blessed with that.”
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