Welcome To Little Jamaica: Exco Levi

With five Juno awards under his belt, Levi’s three reggae albums are full-stop Canadian classics. When he walks through Little Jamaica, he’s stopped multiple times. Levi speaks to everyone, no matter their position. “Reggae was created in the ghetto of Jamaica,” he says. “It’s the newspaper of the people.”
The music of Exco Levi is conscious and spiritual, and he tells kind magazine that reggae can uplift the people after our difficult COVID months of isolation. “Reggae is the vaccine for the human heart,” says Levi, who poses for a photograph before TreaJah Isle Records, where inside his poster adorns the wall and his records sell out routinely. “I perform for the people to transmit positive frequencies,” he says. “I make music to awaken the sleeping consciousness of the masses.”
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