A Breath of Fresh Air

There's an angle cut into the bottom edge of the PAX Era Pro that's barely noticeable with the naked eye.
It's small enough to go unnoticed and yet that tiny chamfer is designed so the vape eases into pockets and sleeves without getting caught on the way in. Design features, such as an aluminum finish, slipstream mouthpiece, and lines more reminiscent of a Jaguar than a PAX dimestore knockoff, make products like the PAX Era Pro and PAX 3 luxury items—gear designed for indulging in a product we love. "My point of view is that cannabis products deserve to be of the same quality as the other best things in your life," says Jesse Silver, senior vice president of product for PAX, a former Stanford course instructor equally at home both at Burning Man, IDEO, and San Francisco's Omada Health Offices, where the woodworker and kinetic artist ran product innovation and design. "We get so much enjoyment out of cannabis and it adds so much to our lives that it feels weird that many products aren't there to add that same level of enjoyment. There's so many great cannabis producers and growers—your delivery system out to exist in that same realm."
The PAX realm is increasingly occupying both a physical and digital space, with Bluetooth capabilities locking in temperature control, which can manage precise hits—the machine remembers if you burn hot (have a high THC threshold) or cool (a more measured, microdosed drag). In a disposable culture, the PAX 3 has a 10-year limited warranty. In a climate of anxiety, the PAX Era Pro mitigates scent emissions and has a dual sensors, turning your battery off when your device is not in use. In all, Silver—a cannabis enthusiast, technologist, and self-described "fidgeter," who makes each PAX product to feel good in your hand—says he believes the cannabis culture has been slandered and misrepresented. Prestige goods belong hand-in-hand with prestige oils and flower. Cannabis is designed to heighten, he says. It only follows that the PAX products are equal to the craft industry norms. "Everything we design is created with the sense of getting all the terpenes and cannabinoids, all the flavour, from the cannabis you choose," Silver says. "We've been around a long time and we'll be here—far after any gimmicks or trends. We believe, quite simply, that people deserve nice things in the cannabis space."
• The PAX 3 provides best in-market control and potencyn• Each is UL-certified for a safer battery experiencen• PAXSmart™ pods remember your favourite temperature and dose settingsn• It also gives strain information and allows a place for writing notes about your cannabis experiencen• PodID™ delivers instant access to pod testing results (COA's)n• ExpertTemp™ suggests pod temperatures to the extractor's recommendationn• PAX 3 is now available in four new colours: onyx, sage, sand and burgundyn• SimpleClick™ leak-resistant, dual-wick PAX pods mean no mess and no fuss