Montréal’s Creative Hub: A Look into the City’s Thriving Arts Districts

Montréal is a creative city filled with galleries, museums, and public art installations. It has a wide variety of art from contemporary and modern art to more traditional pieces, scattered throughout it. 

While exploring the city, you can find everything from paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations and even performance art.

Whether you are planning a trip to this well-known Canadian city, or are just a fan of the arts, here is a must-see list to get the most out of the city’s thriving art districts. 


The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts


One of the largest museums in Canada, The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, is a must-see when visiting the city. It’s located on the historic Golden Square Mile stretch of Sherbrooke Street and features an impressive collection of over 45,000 different works of art, from around the world. The museum’s extensive collection allows visitors to discover both Quebec and Canadian heritage, alongside international art, from a critical and intercultural perspective.



Galerie d’Este


If you’re looking for a hidden gem art gallery in Montréal, you might want to check out Galerie d’Este. The small contemporary gallery exhibits work from both significant and sought-after Canadian and international artists that demonstrate technical mastery and unique visions.



Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal


The Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal (MAC) is a museum located in the downtown area. It is dedicated to contemporary art and features a wide variety of exhibits and installations. If you don’t want to visit the museum itself, you catch a glimpse of some amazing pieces exhibited in public spaces in the Montréal metropolitan area.



Place des Arts


Place des Arts, in downtown Montréal, is an amazing venue to see some performance art. The venue is used for everything from jazz to comedy and even as a space for prominent groups like the Opéra de Montréal. Place des Arts is a must-visit spot for those that prefer performing arts, over a typical museum or art gallery.


Avenue Art Gallery


Avenue Art Gallery is a fun spot to see all the different types of art! Whether it be Canadian or International paintings and prints to photography and ceramics, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for in this local gallery. 


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