A Memoir of Desire, Defiance, and Show Tunes

David Pevsner is a playwright who has played lead roles in Broadway and off-Broadway productions, often starring in his own one-man shows. A television actor from Modern Family, Criminal Minds and Grey's Anatomy, Pevsner has spent 40 years in show business but his memoir, Damn Shame, which is funny, dirty, and empowering, touches on his growth as a performer, as well as a human being. "I loved David's journey to zero shame about his body, his sexuality and himself," raves the actor Alan Cumming. The book, which came out late last month, is uplifting, funny, and powerful.
The dreamy-eyed, insecure boy was becoming a man, and I enjoyed using, and getting used, pushing the carnal envelope, whenever and wherever I could.
Pevsner's book is a page-turner, and he's an engaging narrator. You can see his experience writing for the stage on the page as you can almost feel where the applause lines kick in. Every page contains elements of humour, candor, an openness toward sex that rarely gets expressed, and an overall lift in the human spirit. You can almost see, in the background, the Netflix series they'll undoubtedly make from this memoir. Pro tip: read the book first. Get all the information about Damn Shame: A Memoir of Desire, Defiance and Show Tunes by clicking here.