A Podcast that gets by with a little help from Two Friends

The Pal's Podcast started in January 2020 and is hosted by Ricky Liorti and George Boutsalis, two young guys who love sports, music, food and social interactions. The Pal’s Podcast focuses on topics relating to sports, career/entrepreneurship, food, health/fitness and travel. Although they launched at the beginning of 2020, they’ve received amazing feedback and have confirmed some high profile Canadians to be featured on their show. They’ve spoken with MLS superstar Jonathan Osorio, NHLer's Erik Gudbranson and Mark Fraser, Olympic Gold Medalists Donovan Bailey, Penny Oleksiak, Eric Radford, andmore. Ben Kaplan caught up with host Ricky Liorti before the podcaster went on-air.
  • BK: Why do you think podcasts are currently so popular?

    RL: People like variety and flexibility. Podcasts give listeners the ability to listen to any show, personality, or topic at any time. On top of this, as the world becomes busier, an attribute people value within themselves is multitasking. The podcast format gives consumers the opportunity to achieve their daily tasks while having the ability to listen to content on the go.

  • BK: What do you think you could add to the crowded milieu?

    RL: The Pal’s Podcast takes great pride in the variety of our topics. One day we are sitting down with a former NHL player and discussing new endeavours in crypto currency, and the next we are talking to a Toronto restaurateur powerhouse. We keep our listeners on their toes, and divulge in a wide spread of social issues, sports, as well as finance, lifestyle, and entertaining topics.

  • BK: What is the genesis of your show, and what elements seem to be connected?

    RL: We know that our dynamic alone was something special. Consistently bringing on guests that can add substance to an episode, gave us an extra edge when penetrating the podcast market. We also do our best not to ask cliche interview questions. Our aim is to try and tap into a side of each guest that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

  • BK: Give us the backdrop of an episode you feel indicative of your vision—what made it work, and where would you go next?

    RL: Our episode with Penny Oleksiak put this genesis on full display. When we sat down with her we knew we didn’t want to bring up the same questions she has been repeatedly asked. As the episode progresses we find out that she’s not just terrified of sharks, but she’s afraid to swim in any open body of water. Think about that… she is one of the top swimmers in the world, Canada's youngest Olympic champion, owns an Olympic Record, and she is scared to SWIM in open water. Who would’ve thought?

  • BK: We love the Penny Oleksiak episode. Has COVID-19 changed your show?

    RL: As creators, we had to think outside of the box on how to make our show livelier, in order to fill that void in people’s lives. When the pandemic hit, The Pal’s Podcast was only a couple months old. However, instead of stressing about how we are going to grow, we dug our heels into the foundation we had built. We aimed to bring good vibes and positivity.

  • BK: Is the playing field being equaled for start-ups against the larger corporate brands?

    RL: You see millennials more intrigued to support the start-ups and find the smaller companies with substance. Even though it may be harder for start-ups to get the initial traction, when a product is good and led by creators with purpose, it’ll find its audience.

  • BK: You’re reaching people picking up this magazine in a legal licensed cannabis retailer. Speak directly to someone who may have purchased a pack of edibles or a pre-rolled joint. What makes your show a good listen while stoned?

    RL: We want to create an environment while listening that you’re just one of “the pals,” sitting back, and being part of a stimulating conversation that has no boundaries. I think if you’ve heard one of our episodes before you’d know the vibes don’t lie.

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