A Taste of Happiness

I am a chef and a cannabis user and advocate and also the head of culinary at KIND.
I’m often on my soapbox encouraging cannabis companies to prioritize quality of ingredients when formulating cannabis food (edibles) and beverage CPG. We sell cannabis as medicine; quality of ingredients should matter. What are the challenges for companies? Are better ingredients cost prohibitive? Is there a lack of knowledge? If I look at product formulation as a relay race, the first runner out of the box is someone who uses their palate for a living, for example a chef or mixologist. Once formulations are created, they should be handed off to the second runner, a food scientist.
To me, it’s logical that someone who creates food for a living and employs their knowledge of quality culinary ingredients, should be the person to create the initial formulation.
When I tried Senorita for the first time, my dad instantly came to mind. My father was diagnosed with a brain tumour less than one year ago, and I immediately thought of Senorita as a vehicle for him to ingest cannabis. My dad, like many patients, are looking for familiar, tasty ways to consume cannabis and are staying away from combustible means of consumption. The use of simple culinary ingredients is what creates the complexity and allure of Seniorita; agave syrup, jalapeno extract, lime juice, cayenne pepper and Himalayan salt collectively create a very simple and familiar flavour profile.
All of us in the cannabis space—users, budtenders, the canna curious—are all part of a community. For weed to win, we need great products our community can get behind.
Charles Bieler of Bieler Wines (Three Thieves, Shatter, Gotham Project) and Joel Gott (Joel Gott Wines) are behind award-winning wineries and entered the cannabis space with a bang. It makes sense that Seniorita would prioritize ingredients, Bieler and Gott’s first foray into cannabis. They know quality.
My mission is to educate those who don’t consume cannabis, explaining the benefits of specific need states and exploring how cannabis can positively impact their lives. After trying Seniorita, it has become a brand I talk about often and encourage my friends and family to consume. The legal industry has many great products, and in the future, there will only be more.
In less than a year my dad is back sunning himself in Florida, playing golf and doing what he deserves; enjoying his life. Cannabis has helped shrink my father’s tumor and when he returns to Canada, he will have a fridge filled with Senorita courtesy of a loving son. I hope you all find comfort in the recipes we share, the product we spotlight and wishing you all a happy, healthy infused Dry Winter and 2023.