BC Cannabis Summit: It’s Lit

When the craft growers of BC host a summit in Kelowna, it gets our attention. When it adds in lakeside consumption lounges along the verdant Okanagan Valley, it prompts us to look for a clean and mask and book our flight. The BC Craft Growers Summit is an event that truly seems out of this world: a chance to meet some of the best growers in the country, which also means some of the best growers in the world. Put on by the BC Craft Farmers Co-Op, the three-day event has industry talks, employment summits, speakers, panels, and a whole lot of weed. The event kicks off, obviously, on 420, and spans three-days of high-level gossip, trade secrets, job leads, and, yeah, that great BC weed. Put it in your calendars. Then put it in twice, in case you forget. The BC Cannabis Summit. A smoking good time.