Broken Coast Expands, Again

Last month, kind magazine was invited into the glorious Broken Coast grow facility on Vancouver Island and given a virtual tour by Kevin Anderson, one of the legal weed world’s biggest stars. “We’ve been growing a lot of seeds and always stay hunting,” says Anderson, “for the next big thing.”
The big thing that has Anderson currently excited is Pipe Dream, a proprietary sativa-dominant strain with floral notes and a gassy flavour that had this reporter salivating through his Zoom screen. “Since we started Broken Coast in 2014, I’ve always been hands on with our plants and it’s just a really exciting, proud moment when we get to introduce a new strain that’s pure fire like Pipe Dream.”
Along the tour of the Broken Coast facility, kind explored the mother, cloning, vegetation and flowering rooms, where we paused longer than the rest. It was a moment of pure beauty. “Only the best of the very best make it here,” said Anderson, who kind has profiled before and enjoys exploring the British Columbia outdoors. “This is really one of the spaces I feel most proud of and shows off the work of all of our talented grow team.”
Broken Coast has three new strains in the pipeline. They are Sunset Sherbet, Kush Mints and Amnesia Haze, which Anderson says has “some of the best buds I’ve ever seen.” Anderson, it should be noted, has seen more buds than most. "Sometimes we'll take a hit in yield for quality," he says. "Quality has always been where we think the focus should be."
The Broken Coast focus has long produced “craft cannabis” before that became a buzzword and all of their hand-trimmed flower have to pass Anderson’s standards before it ever sees the light of day. Anderson says that he looks for potency, flavour and jar appeal and is excited for Canadians to try Pipe Dream. He prunes the plants up high to make sure that the legal cannabis industry has fire.
“We spent a long time looking for something new and throughout the whole process, this strain Pipe Dream has been a dream to grow,” says Anderson, still marvelling at Pipe Dream’s purple coloration and frosty nugs. “We don’t want you to have small buds or crumbs and we’re extremely confident that anyone who tries our new strains will be happy. I think we’re only furthering what it means to be Broken Coast.”