Carmel Cannabis Wins Brand of the Year, and Three More Awards!

It perhaps comes as no surprise that Canadian budtender’s favourite brand of 2021 is a craft cannabis producer. With hundreds of new craft entrants in the legal market this year, Carmel Cannabis allotted the most votes as Brand of the Year, Craft Brand of the Year, Sativa Pre-Roll of the Year and Best Indica Flower.
“At Carmel, our journey didn’t start when we received our license producer status in 2019. It started back in 2005 when we grew our first plants and sold our fist bag. Carmel is the coming together of legacy players, our collection of rare genetics, and a shared passion to put our top shelf products in your hands. Because it’s the way we’ve always done it, all our flower is grown in small batches, hang tried, hand trimmed, slow cold cured and never irradiated”
To anyone who’s tried any of their terrific offerings, the prizes seem deserved because the brand is not only known for their good weed, but also for their good values. As the company grows and becomes ever more well-known by informed consumers, we can't wait to smoke what the future holds for Canada's budtenders Brand of the Year: it's a way forward, no doubt, for the industry at large.