Celebrating 3rd Anniversary with Favourite Products

Shred products have tons of potency & flavour and hit the Canadian cannabis scene running, topping sales at the OCS for 7 months straight. But it’s the group behind it that we love even more—when we asked them for some details on their brand for this feature, they responded in the first person. Here is a snippet from their response: “Look at me – SHRED – being honoured in this illustrious Top 10 list. There are so many people, strains and terps to thank… this was totally a team effort. Thanks to everyone that has ever purchased me, rolled me, bowled me, given me a rad shoutout on Reddit or asked for me by name in store! Some see SHRED as a lifestyle, some call it a movement – whatever fills your joint friends. All I know is that we're here to stay, long live the #SHREDARMY!”

This group brings it all to the table: iconic lineage (B.C. Pink Kush and D.Budda), legacy growers and farmers with over 25+ years experience in everything from cannabis to tomatoes and lastly, its all natural cannabis. However, it’s what they do with local businesses that we really love (if you are a creative you have to support this group). They created an online marketplace that is a collection of mindfully-sourced apparel, accessories, objects and art inspired by their love of plants and modern life. The Marketplace features hand-crafted items that are made right here in Canada as well as items created through collaborations with artists and creators who share our love of the world of cannabis.

These guys are all about bringing local, craft cannabis growers to the national stage and we are huge supporters of people doing kind things. They scour Canada to find the best craft cannabis, grown by the country’s best micro-growers. Artisan Batch features a rotating series of unique strains, all of which have exceptional genetics and high THC potential. The grower, town, and top terpenes are listed on every beautiful glass jar that also features a boveda pack bringing two-way humidity and control precision to every experience. These small batch strains go quickly—so if you want them, you’ll have to act fast.

Ask a budtender what their favorite new brand is and there is a good chance you’ll hear the name Carmel. Carmel is the coming together of legacy players with a collection of rare genetics and a shared passion to put top-shelf products in customers hands. Not much has changed since they started growing in 2005: all of their flower is grown in small batches, hang-dried, hand-trimmed and slow-cold cured. Plus, it’s never irradiated.

One of the most beloved cannabis brands in Canada, Broken Coast is special. A group with that quintessential B.C. spirit: that good things take time. They allow their plants to fully ripen and cure slowly to maximize each flower’s flavour and potency before trimming every bud by hand. They grow in small-batch, strain-specific rooms to ensure they give their plants the love and attention they deserve. It enables them to customize each room’s environment to meet the specific needs of each strain.

Kolab Project is a cannabis brand that aims to connect with cannabis enthusiasts who have an appreciation for the positive impact that art, culture and design have on humanity. The Kolab Project mission is to provide cannabis enthusiasts with a carefully curated selection of exceptional cannabis, accessories and experiences. In 2020, Kolab Project launched the first industry-wide vape recycling program that accepts carts and batteries from all licensed producers – how can you not love this initiative. They have everything from premium pre-rolls (Kind Award Winner), vapes, soft chews, chocolate and concentrates.

How can we not talk about the inaugural winner of “Brand of The Year” from the Kind Awards. A Canadian cannabis brand with Indigenous roots, they are farmers; they are scientists; above everything else, they are family. They also have a cultlike following combining tremendous value with tremendous product. Redecan greenhouses are located in the world-renowned Niagara region, leveraging the unique microclimate of Ontario’s Greenbelt in state-of-the-art cannabis growing facilities. Cultivating cannabis using proprietary technology, ozone-treated irrigation water, sunshine, and the watchful eye of our master growers– our approach is 3-pronged.

I get my weed from Ke-Low-Na, that’s my shit! Flowr, based in, you guessed it, Kelowna, B.C., easily makes some of the best cannabis in the country. Winner of the Kind Award for Best Indica Flower (Their B.C. Pink Kush), they grow in small batches, non-irradiated and undergo a 14-day cure. They might have the nicest packaging as well, with cobalt blue glass jars to preserve the unique terpene profiles and achieve a precise range for moisture content. Their slogan is ‘Grown True’ and it reflects their identity.

Since legalization, the team at 7ACRES has been committed to providing enthusiasts with high-end cannabis products that deliver an uncompromised experience. 7ACRES cannabis is crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the plant, from seed to package. From large phenotype selections to find the truest expression of each cultivar, to their proprietary whole plant hang dry methodology to retain precious terpenes, and by carefully inspecting and finishing each bud by hand, you can count on consistent quality. You deserve cannabis that looks, smells and tastes great. As a matter of fact, “You should Accept Nothing Less.”

An Ontario-based premium cannabis edibles and tea company founded by Sarah Gillin and John Aird, Olli Brands, in conjunction with Adrian Niman, an award-winning chef who trained at Michelin-starred restaurants, elevates the edible category. Olli is a growing independent Canadian company, and a first-mover in product innovation (brownies! dragon fruit chews!) who has become the country’s leader in delicious, properly dosed, infused treats.