Childs’ Play

  • Dear Jacqui, nTrying my hardest to get behind this ‘free the weed’ movement. Thought I'd buy my wife some edibles to enjoy our last weekend at the cottage, but it didn't go as I had hoped. She had a little truffle after dinner, she said it was delicious, but made her dizzy and tired. I fortunately or unfortunately didn't have the same response, I was thirsty in every sense of the word. Where did we go wrong? Maybe weed just isn't for us. nSigned, nHardly Edible

    Dear Hardly Edible,

    In my humble opinion sir, you did the POT wrong! Edibles come in many strengths and forms and everyone's experience is so different. "Go low" refers to the strength and "Go slow" refers to pacing yourself and preparing for a good experience. I'd try it again, the cottage is the perfect setting for you to enjoy the great outdoors along with an infused drink or edible treat. Maybe share a low-dose chocolate around the fire, and chat about your hopes and dreams for about an hour. By this time, the stars should be twinkling in more than your eyes.

    I hope this gives you both something to look forward to and a better experience.

    Enjoy these moments ... together.

By this time, the stars should be twinkling in more than your eyes.
  • Dear Jacqui, nI've been smoking cannabis for over 30 years, and my new boyfriend hates the smell. I don't wanna quit smoking—or the boyfriend—so now I'm hiding and lying about my smoking. I guess I have some pretty big decisions to make. nSigned, n(Mixed) Smoke Signals

    Dear (Mixed) Smoke Signals,

    I'm not sure it's quite that big of a decision. You could always switch to vaping or use oils, concentrates or edibles, perhaps. The question, however, you might want to ask yourself is: "Do I even want to be in this relationship?" Because it's 2021 and the cannabis is about way more than blowing smoke. Good luck with the boyfriend.

  • Dear Jacqui, nI don't know if edibles are the best for menopausal women. I find them very drying (everywhere). I drink lots of water and always enjoy my buzz. But when it comes time to be intimate, I'm too dry to be comfortable. I thought the solution was sex in our hot tub or shower. Our hot water bill is through the roof and I'm still uncomfortably dry. nSigned, nHigh and Dry

    Dear High and Dry,

    Infused lubes are the answer. So many amazing all natural products available. And if you feel like kicking it up a notch, throw an infused vaginal suppository in the mix. I'd suggest lying a towel underneath and get ready to slip and slide.

    Thanks to cannabis, menopause doesn't have to be the end of your sexual relations.

    Cannabis helps with the mood and the experience (and maybe will also help with the water bills).

Throw an infused vaginal suppository in the mix.
  • Dear Jacqui, nMy marriage is on the rocks and I'm desperate to spice it up. We both consume cannabis, but not together, not really. We both used to love traveling, but not together anymore. It seems everything that we once did together she now does with a group of girlfriends and I'm left at home wondering how to fix this and if it's even worth fixing (ps: nice pics on IG). nSigned, nMarried with Challenges

    Dear Married with Challenges,

    Smoke together!!! Tell her exactly how you're feeling. Go for a walk without cellphones, enjoy a smoke and some hand holding in the great outdoors and tell her your worries. Cannabis has a wonderful way of bringing people together.

    I'm sure there's a lot more to this story, but maybe less time on my IG and more TLC towards your wife.

  • Dear Jacqui, nMy boyfriend of 4 years doesn't like the smell, the taste or anything weed-related. (Although I did see a kind magazine in his gym bag once). As the world seems to be opening up, I'm excited to see my friends in the cannabis community again and even signed up for a cannabis couples retreat in the fall. How do I get my BF to agree to come along to the couples retreat? nSigned, nNo Smoking Signs

    Dear No Smoking Signs,

    After four years, you still have hope that he'll come to the green side? You must really like him, I guess. Signing up for a cannabis couples retreat when you're not really a cannabis couple puts a lot of pressure on him and your relationship. I see your very good intentions, but perhaps take a GF if that's possible—or maybe ask for a refund.

    Is going alone an option? Because your Cannabis Consuming Dream Man might be only a retreat away...

Keep your questions coming. Hope you all find my advice helpful and kind.