Color: The Space Cake Review is Out of this World

There’s a burst from the bag, when you first open Color Space Cake, like: wow. You can smell that you’re in for a serious treat and, when you look at the beautiful nuggets, caked with trichomes like sprinkles on top of a sundae, you know that your money is being well-spent. The scent is musky, with sneaky diesel cues, and, if you stop for a moment, before rolling, just to admire your sack and praise the Cannabis Act and legalization then, well, you can be forgiven: because we did exactly the same thing.
Space Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, a cross between the cultivars GSC and Snow Lotus, and it’s an easy flower for rolling. It comes with a Boveda pack, for freshness, and, having been out of practice, I was delicate with my prize, dainty. However, I found it broke up satisfyingly and, for others who’ve become edible or pre-roll-dominant, here’s your reminder: there’s something particularly winning about the ritual of rolling a joint. That ritual, I’m sure, is how most of us were first introduced to cannabis and the delayed gratification involved in joint-rolling almost adds to the celebratory nature of that first smoke.
And then, friends, when I lit that joint on my balcony, overlooking the city on my first night in a new place, alone and yet comforted, embraced by the pleasurable familiarity of great weed, I felt the relief provided of a myrcene, linalool, limonene and caryophyllene sensation. In essence, I was uplifted in an aroma of gas, musk and garlic and tucked in, warmly, by the soothing sensation of an evenly-burning smoke. Even this out-of-practice twister was able to create something that, if I say so myself, more than ably did the trick.

Afterwards, because the proof is in the smoking, not just appearances (and obviously we look deeper than the surface), I came off my balcony and saw the world differently—more peacefully, soothed. Color Space Cake is a product from the company Entourage, which was formerly known as WeedMD, and we have a contest coming soon with the brand, in which cannabis lovers will be able to win the Space Cake Telescope: a really cool product which I could have certainly dug as I settled into my high. Instead, I turned on David Bowie and listened to Life on Mars and thought about existence in the cosmos, which, after two years of a pandemic, is where most of us are.
Color Space Cake is an extraordinary smoke. A companion in a world of unknowns.