Dope Drinks: Spark-ling Cocktail

I think it’s important to provide recipes that allow folks to imbibe within their comfort zone and tolerance which includes no, low and zero proof options because inclusivity is important! There are pros and cons to mixing cannabis & alcohol and while there isn’t enough research to support either, I’ve opted to provide options that can be easily altered and tailored to your personal preference. Feel free to get creative and alter the cannabis or kief measurements to fit your tolerance, you could even remove stimulants altogether!
As a rule of thumb—do your research or consult an expert, go slow and imbibe responsibly! What works for others, may not work for you.
Spark-ling Cocktail

½ oz infused spice syrup *based on preferred mg.


Note: Bitters contain/use alcohol as a method of extraction and concentration of flavour. Think of bitters as the “salt & pepper” of bartending; they balance and accentuate flavours when used accordingly.


Add syrup, pomegranate juice, and bitters to a glass. Fill the glass with your fizz of choice, give one light twirl with a bar spoon and garnish with pomegranate seeds.


Feel free to use your favourite infused cannabis syrup recipe with this drink, I also enjoy a canna-honey substitute for the syrup as well. Ensure the honey can be easily dissolved, or mix with water before using. The classic would include your favourite sparkling wine as the ‘Fizz’ choice.

Chantelle Gabino

Chantelle is an award-winning bartender and hospitality professional with over a dozen years of experience ranging in events, restaurant and brand management, beverage consulting and education. Her love of cannabis and cocktails are coming together in a new and exciting way. See @chantellegabino & @doseanddaily for recipes and reviews!

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