Elaine Li: The Fitness Entrepreneur

Meet Elaine Li, a fitness influencer and entrepreneur from British Columbia. Growing up around sports and modelling, health was always something Elaine cared about. When she started her fitness social media account, @elainelireal, as a hobby only two years ago it led her down the successful path to develop her very own fitness apparel brand — LIVELITE ATHLETICA.

Integrating health and wellness into an everyday routine is extremely important to Elaine. “Every day I wake up and try to meditate once. It really sets my mood better for the day and helps me focus, and make calmer, better decisions,” Elaine said.

“I also made it a goal to move my body at least once, daily. It helps me in a therapeutic way,” she added.

When it comes to practicality for those looking to get into the world of fitness, Elaine suggested consistency, over intensity. 

“Doing something positive every day to help improve your mental, physical and spiritual self for 15 minutes at a time is better than going hard and then injuring yourself and having to stop,” Elaine said.

For Elaine, a typical gym workout means a mixture of cardio and weight lifting. Personally, she finds glute bridges and hip thrusts to be effective.

According to Elaine, practicing mindfulness is a very valuable way to take control of your mental health. “When I’m with family or loved ones I try not to work or go on my phone too much either. It may sound cliché but it’s so true: It’s important to stay grounded and not miss the present moment before it passes,” Elaine said.

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