End Indica vs Sativa Labels

The whole industry needs to move away from talking about indica and sativa.
What matters is the potencies. Use science, right?
How much THC percentage is in this? How much CBD percentage is in this? What are the terpenes and how much percent of the product is those terpene profiles?
That will give you a very clear indication of the type of cannabis that you're consuming — versus what shape the leaves of the plants are. The truth is, all cannabis plants are hybrid with some exhibiting the “traditional” characteristics of either sativa or indica.
I’m often asked to make usage recommendations for first timers. I'd ask you, are you a novice? How much have you smoked or consumed before? So we could understand dose and potency.
Because THC, if you go over 20 per cent, you're going to get into some really… I would say… advanced-level feelings when you're high. And that's what normally gives people bad buzzes.
So, I would try to avoid stuff high in THC if you're brand new to cannabis. The rule is always start low and go slow.
I would also want to give you something with a high terpene count, because it's going to smell floral. Or it'll smell citrusy or something like that. It’ll give you some sort of a nasal experience.
And then how do you want to consume it?
Do you want to eat it? Do you want to smoke it? Do you want to vape it?
That's what I would ask you. I wouldn't say, "Oh, you need an indica!”
Maybe back in the day it mattered. Maybe. Because that's how they used to tell the plants apart.
But we now do genetic testing on these plants. We know everything about them. It's like we're doing 23andMe on the plants.
And yet we're still talking about what colour its skin is? Who cares? It's not that important. That’s plant racism.
I used to be afraid to voice opinions like this. But now, I look at myself, and I can appreciate that there's not that many people in the world that know as much about cannabis as I do.
So, if I feel this way, then that's just my own opinion. And if you want to disagree, great.
Then what I would like to do is challenge the five most credit-worthy disagreers to a blind taste test at my house.
(You think I am joking.)
Basem Hanna is the co-founder and former CEO of TerrAscend Corp., a biopharmaceutical and wellness company in the cannabis space. He is also the co-founder and chairman for TREC Brands, a socially-conscious cannabis brand holding company.