Entertaining With Cannabis for Flavour and Fun

Legalizing cannabis and making it available through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and Authorized Cannabis Stores has encouraged a new wave of responsible, innovative infused home cooking. It’s inspired everyone from rookies in the kitchen to bonafide experts, like Rose Reisman, who describes herself in her kitchen, with cannabis, as “reborn.” Reisman, who published the cannabis cookbook BeBlissed with the Ontario Licensed Producer TREC Brands, says that her infused recipes have become extremely popular at cozy gatherings with family and friends.
By dosing lightly and broadly experimenting, Reisman says cannabis infusions have expanded culinary opportunities for her fall. “I like to microdose a four or five-course meal,” says Reisman, one of Canada’s leading authorities on eating and living well. "With cannabis in the kitchen, I’m reinventing myself again.” It’s important when reinventing your recipes with cannabis infusions to always keep infused food away from anyone under 19.
It’s also essential to let guests know which dishes have been infused and, to cook like Reisman, use low doses from cannabis that has been approved by Health Canada and purchased at the OCS or an Authorized Cannabis Stores. An infused dinner, dosed incorrectly, is no one’s idea of a good time.
Terpenes actually help bring out the flavour which makes food taste better.
On the other hand, however, according to Pete Shearer, senior category manager at the Ontario Cannabis Store, pairing cannabis with recipes can unlock tremendous potential—both in flavour, and in fun. “I’ve seen great success in pairing cannabis flavour profiles with sauces and dressings and by using strong gassy profiles to complement flavours in foods such as pesto, salsa or vinaigrette,” says Shearer. For instance, you could try baking a poppyseed loaf with an infused Super Lemon Haze strain or adding the strain OG Kush to Chimichurri sauce. “With savoury foods, I think the terpenes actually help bring out the flavour which makes food taste better, as opposed to trying to make an infused food item that merely works by masking the cannabis taste. Cannabis, infused correctly, actually tastes good!”
Good things have happened in intimate home entertaining spaces since October 17, 2018, when Canada became the first G7 country to legalize cannabis for adults over 19. Three years into our nation’s progressive legislature, adults are finding unique ways to bolster their enjoyment with cannabis from the OCS and Authorized Cannabis Stores across Ontario.
In Ontario, says Rose Reisman, the possibilities found in cannabis are boundless around the table this fall. When she entertains, she says her guests now insist she not only heads to the farmer’s market, but also her local cannabis store. “Because of COVID, I’m not entertaining as much as I used to and it’s generally with much smaller groups,” says Reisman, adding that the intimacy of her meals have presented her with an unintended surprise. The meals, generally infused, feel more special. “Since we’re not entertaining like we used to, a home-cooked meal with friends is almost a bigger treat,” she says. “Friends will come over for an infused meal and they love it, they don’t want the evening to end.”
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