Farm & Florist: Elevating Canada’s Culinary Scene with Cannabis Infusions

In a groundbreaking move, West Blvd Cannabis (WBC) has carved its niche in Canada’s cannabis landscape with the launch of Farm & Florist, the country’s pioneer culinary cannabis brand.

As the first micro-processing and cannabis manufacturing facility approved by the City of Vancouver, WBC sets a precedent for innovation in cannabis-infused culinary products. Farm & Florist’s inaugural line boasts diverse infused culinary offerings, redefining how Canadians incorporate cannabis into their kitchens.

The product lineup includes exquisite choices such as Truffle Oil, Truffle Hot Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Garlic Chili Oil, all meticulously crafted to elevate the gastronomic experience. One standout offering from Farm & Florist is the Limited Edition Mistlestoned collection, tailor-made for the holiday season. This festive assortment features two non-dairy creamers, Mocha and Hazelnut Cream, adding a touch of merriment to both coffee cups and culinary creations.

What sets Farm & Florist apart is its unique approach to cannabis integration into the culinary world. The brand’s team comprises dedicated food enthusiasts, seasoned restaurateurs, and skilled chefs who collectively view cannabis through the lens of the ultimate dining experience. This perspective has guided the development of a product line focused on premium culinary oils and edibles, showcasing the versatility of cannabis beyond traditional consumption methods.

Beyond the culinary innovations, Farm & Florist is deeply rooted in West Coast Cannabis Culture and Community. Founded by a group of friends who are Vancouver natives, their shared passion for culinary endeavours, coupled with extensive experience in food and beverage, entertainment, and marketing, has become the driving force behind the establishment of West Coast cannabis culture. Through Farm & Florist, they aim to showcase the modern cannabis experience, breaking stereotypes and fostering a community that appreciates the intersection of cannabis and cuisine.

For those eager to explore the offerings of Farm & Florist, the brand has a dedicated website — where customers can delve into the world of culinary cannabis. Additionally, the brand stays connected with its audience through its Instagram account, offering a visual journey into the artistry and craftsmanship behind each Farm & Florist creation.

As Farm & Florist emerges onto the culinary scene, it leaves an indelible mark on Canada’s cannabis industry, paving the way for a new era where the marriage of cannabis and cuisine takes center stage.

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