Hit the Greens

Nothing says summer like a round of golf and a mellow cannabis buzz. Here, Joe Timmins puts his way across Canada at some of the best courses to take swing and puff while away the summer afternoons
Stretching out along the Bay of Fundy, the Algonquin Golf Club is the perfect oasis hidden away in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Whether you're looking to spend the night in one of the 233 rooms of their 130-year-old hotel or spend the day taking advantage of the scenery and banging out a casual 18 holes in the afternoon, the Algonquin Club has you covered. Even if golf isn't your thing, who wouldn't enjoy smoking a joint and collecting golf balls along the St. Gour River while soaking up the picturesque whiskey-brown skyline overlooking the Bay? Still, the Algonquin Club has a breathtaking 18-hole course equipped with a completely redesigned back nine created by renowned golf course designer Rod Whitman. The Algonquin will start you out in a parkland-style front nine surrounded by New Brunswick pines. As you progress, or digress, depending on what you smoke, you'll notice the trees part ways to make room for glimpses of the summer sun bouncing off the bay. Once you've reached the 9th green, the trees dissolve completely and leave you with a stunning cliffside view. Keep on progressing through the tenth and fourteenth holes, and you'll find yourself along the Bay of Fundy—ocean-kissed with a crystal clear view of Maine. And when you’re done, make your way to the clubhouse, have something to eat or drink at Braxton's Restaurant & Bar, take a dip in the pool, enjoy the sights overlooking Katy's Cove or hop on one of the club’s complimentary bikes to explore St. Andrews. "We opened in top shape; most golfers that came here in April couldn't believe the conditions that we have. The greens were running at a ten—probably an eleven now,” says Zach Rogriguez, director of golf. “It's almost unbelievable.”
Let's talk Nova Scotia: seafood, friendly people and the great outdoors; everything you want out of the great Maritime province, right? Well, here’s more: Digby Pines.
Digby Pines is more than a golf course, a perfect setting for some of the great cannabis that Nova Scotia has to offer. Picture this; you arrive at their 100-year-old hotel, take an edible and konk out for the night, wake up the following day to breakfast and the sound of crashing waves and the smell of the sea opening you up for an unforgettable golfing experience. The course would impress even the pickiest golfer; it's a Stanely Thompson-designed 18-hole course equipped with greens, hazards, and beautiful brooks that section off into ponds on holes two and sixteen. Although you can trip on the golf course all day, possibly the coolest part of Digby Pines is their state of the art spa where you can chill and get a massage, facial, or a manicure after a long gold day in the Nova Scotia sun. With the likes of Babe Ruth choosing Digby Pines as their #1 spot, you can't miss at this local favourite.
The name says it all. What makes you want to indulge in some cannabis more than an early morning staring out at swaths of fresh green hills and practising your swing while basking in the Ontario sun. Can't think of anything? Neither can Rolling Greens Golf Course visionary Gordon Taylor. Rolling Greens is the first golf course in Canada to embrace the federal legalization of cannabis openly. "Golfers have been having a beer or two on the course for years, and now they can enjoy smoking and play the game," Taylor says. Located only six kilometres from Canopy’s headquarters in Smiths Falls, Rolling Greens is the perfect option for cannabis smokers and non-cannabis smokers alike; besides, who wouldn't be excited to add a new place to get baked/local golf course to their rotation? Although Gordon and his partners are waiting on the go-ahead from the government of Ontario for approval, you can bet that his team is busy keeping the course up to par and will tee off as soon as they’re given the green light (get it, see the pun?).
Oh, the great province of B.C., home to Nanaimo bars, beautiful wildlife, B.C. Pink Kush and Talking Rock Golf Course. Overlooking the Shuswap Lake, Talking Rock hits you immediately with a breathtaking view and a welcoming atmosphere. Talking Rock welcomes golfers to book a massage, body wrap, facial, or use some of their facilities which includes a pool, hot tub, and infrared sauna. I also recommend partaking in their onsite dining. Chef Chris Wittaker creates an ever-changing seasonal menu to provide restaurateurs with the best quality and freshest local ingredients possible: tastes great baked!
Could this be the most beautiful course on our list? Jasper Park Lodge will take everything you know about golf courses, throw it away, and give you a whole new perspective on what's possible. The stony golf course is hidden away directly in the Rockies and, as a result, can be enjoyable for golfers and those who would like to appreciate Banff from a friendly Fairmont perspective. This course is perfect for those who are willing to travel purely for the sake of playing golf and smoking weed. Out of a scale of five joints, this earns six.