In Praise of the Summertime Vibes: Rituals, Joy and Olli Brands

Jeff Donaldson

Jeff Donaldson at Blunt & Cherry in Toronto starts his summer days with an Olli Dragon Fruit Chew, and a plan. “I like to start my summer days slow and relaxed,” he says, mentioning that his Olli ritual is built around “self-care time.” He packs healthy snacks, arranges an outdoor meet with select close friends, and unplugs from the world. “Taking this timeout has become increasingly important for me during COVID. I love the Olli chews because they help me settle into a relaxed mood and mindset—and they’re pretty tasty.”

Celine Luddington

The taste of the Olli gummy was also cited by Celine Luddington at High Park Cannabis Co as she works a nature exploration into her new summertime ritual. “To keep adventure in my life, I’ve had to find new ways to explore old familiar places. I like to take an Olli gummy and head into High Park in Toronto with my headphones and my dog and try to get LOST.”

This notion of reinventing our pleasure apparatus in the post-pandemic world was repeated across the country from all of our budtender friends. In Alberta, at NOVA Cannabis, Kyle Marowitch mentioned that he’s always loved gardening with his 3-year-old daughter. He says a strawberry Olli CBD chew sets a perfect summertime vibe.

Kyle Marowitch

“People don’t realize how relaxing gardening can be, add some CBD, and it’s just the perfect way to spend a healthy family day,” says Marowitch, who grows onions, watermelon and garlic in a garden that takes up nearly all of his expansive backyard. “We have music playing on vinyl and the whole neighbourhood knows we’re gardening, and sings along.”

Wayna Abrahams Laraque

Music is also a key part of Wayna Abrahams Laraque’s summertime fun. A budtender at Alberta’s FOUR20Premium, Wayna likes taking an Olli Dragon Fruit Chew and heading down to the river with her earphones and snacks. “I don’t really want to be super high when I’m in public, so I take an Olli before I leave my house and walk down to the river and sit there and vibe out, listen to music and chill,” she says, mentioning a particular candy shop in the Kensington area with to-die-for slush

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller at Victoria’s Flight Cannabis goes kayaking with his wife after taking an Olli edible. He says the myth of the lazy stoner is well past its prime and that brands like Olli are connecting with him and treating him and his cohort like adults. “I’m not some stoner in the basement and the Dragon Fruit Olli is the best tasting gummy I’ve ever tried—this isn’t my first rodeo,” Miller says, adding that he likes to hike, kayak and swim. “Olli is the most consistent gummy on the market. I know what I can expect from the experience and my experiences, especially in summer, are always good.”

Jennifer Singh

In the summertime, Jennifer Singh of Cori in Toronto says both the Dragon Fruit and Strawberry chews are part of her ritual. She takes an Olli gummy, then packs a picnic and hits the park with her friends.

“The flavour’s really good and I’ll munch my Olli and some tacos and create a nice little vibe,” she says, mentioning she’ll augment the Olli flavours with accoutrements like similarly flavoured fresh fruit. For Singh, like the rest of us, the pandemic’s been hard. But in the summertime, with Olli, she knows just what to do. “I had the girls over to my balcony and they all loved the Dragon Fruit chews,” she says. “The summertime is my favourite time. And Olli is a big part of my summertime vibes.”