It’s Everclear to Make Great Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are a great way of preserving the cannabis flower and a legal format that’s becoming increasingly popular with users. To make a tincture from dried cannabis flower, a consumer simply needs to infuse the plant with vinegar, alcohol or oil. Everclear, the popular, neutral 100% grain alcohol, offers a clear palette on which a tincture can be created. “Tinctures help a consumer get the most from their plants,” says Stacy Bobak, executive director at EduCanNation, a nonprofit supporting cannabis education, and co-host of the cannabis education podcast called “A Tincture of Time.”
“In the instance of cannabis, nearly all of the sought after properties of the plant, called cannabinoids and terpenes, are contained within the trichomes, which are the resinous glands on the female flowers. These resinous glands are not water soluble; so, alcohol is a favoured solvent.”
Everclear is a solvent with multiple uses, whether creating new perfumes, aromatherapy or even preserving fruits for dessert, like cherries or pears. Everclear, the odourless, colourless 100-proof liquid, is a blank slate for new constructions.
“Alcohol-based cannabis tinctures offer an alternative way to consume cannabis in a format that can be discreet, avoids the potential harms of smoking, and offers a quick onset of effects,” says Shawna Dunbar, certified cannabis educator, executive director at EduCanNation.
When making a cannabis tincture, Everclear is a fantastic solvent choice. Using high-percentage alcohols help dissolve the compounds in cannabis more quickly than oils or water. And a 95% alcohol will begin to act almost immediately and can be potent after the first 15 to 30 minutes.
“Whenever making a tincture, high-quality ingredients are important,” Bobak says.
Everclear is a high-quality ingredient. Tinctures unlock the full potential of your cannabis plant.
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Tincture-making made easy!: A how-to guide from EduCanNation

10 grams of decarboxylated cannabis flower


Store in a dark, cool place. Label with the cannabinoid content of the cannabis used, in order to calculate dosing after you have strained the plant material out.


Place flower and alcohol in a glass jar with a rust-proof, tight-fitting lid


Ensure that the plant material is well-covered by the liquid


Sealing the lid, shake it daily for up to 6 weeks, being sure to keep it away from heat and light


Strain out the plant material

Dose Calculation:
Using the example of 10g cannabis with a potential cannabinoid content of
15 THC : 5 CBD