Jane’s Party for the Long Weekend Playlist

Jane's Party have been in the game for almost two decades dropping records like Tunnel Visions and Casual Island, making them a favourite of Canadian indie rock fans and touring partners of rockers like Sam Roberts, Arkells and Blue Rodeo. Now, as we prepare for the May 2-4 long weekend and summer ascends like an overdo dream, the guys come together for an exclusive kind magazine playlist, guaranteed to spark joy as we elevate in an attempt to make sense of the world. Find it on Spotify here.

"Baby Hold On" by Eddie Money

That track everybody kinda knows but nobody can tell you who it’s by. We recently dropped a video for this track, performed live in the middle of the woods—how’s that for cottage weekend?!

"Are You Gonna' Waste My Time" by Zeus

Some of the greatest rock and roll tunes of the last 10 years have been written by these guys. They’ve been producing our latest tracks and we couldn’t be more blown away by their genius.

"Can You Feel It" by Ferraro

The party’s winding down and you need a second wind? Look no further, the fine lads of Ferraro deliver an upbeat catchy hook like no other!

"Jet Airliner" by Steve Miller Band

The vaccine is all the rage and with everyone getting there jabs, a trip abroad might soon be a reality, we'll be hopping on a jet plane in no time.

"Drive" by Jane's Party ft. Kirty

Singer songwriter and Fast Romantics co-lead Kirty takes us on a ride down a long stretch of highway in this nostalgic road trip track.

"Detroit '67" by Sam Roberts

A deeper cut from the SRB catalogue, this brings us back to our early quarantine days with this on repeat when the band recorded a four square rendition of this number.

"T-Shirt" by The Beaches

Rock and Roll through and through. Perfect song for a summer drive!

"So Down Low" by The Elwins

Love a song that pumps me up when I'm out for a run. The Elwins bring such a great energy and vibe on this track and it gets me movin'!

"Maggie's Hardware Store" by Devin Cuddy

A great cover of Jack Mark's Classic tune. Devin Cuddy has that swooning voice and great groove that gets you swooning late into the evening.

"Daydream" by Jane's Party

With an opening lyric like “smoke it fills the air” you know this breezy jam is gonna pair nicely with your freshly rolled Sativa.

"Sunflower" by Dizzy

Blast away any negative vibes this weekend with this gem from Oshawa sweethearts Dizzy.

"Girlfriend is Better" by Talking Heads

Throw this song on to instantly add some pep in your step for whatever chore you find yourself completing this long weekend.