Jen Newton Shines A Light

It's hard to imagine not being changed by 2020; no soul i know escaping this formidable year unscathed. Everywhere, indelible marks of a year that stands out inordinately from the ever-speeding blur of time.
It had been written in the stars that 2020 was a year destined to be powerfully transformative, a mark in our timelines where things changed. Global upheaval, inclined to challenge us in extreme ways. The end of one cycle, the beginning of the next. Sounds right.
No big idea, best intention or grand plan untouched, we’ve been left to see ourselves. Come face-to-face with our resiliency. Address our own reflections, within that tiny zoom window and beyond.
But while humans around world slingshot from one calamity to the next, the universe has been working at what it tends to: finding a kind of balance in the thing.
Forced apart, we found connection, an appreciation for each other and the lives we live together. At risk, we became accountable to our communities again, a commitment to care for our neighbours’ well-being alongside our own. Racing (surfing a tidal wave), we all slowed. Folded inward. Contemplated how we’d gotten there. Where we’re meant to go from here. Isolated, we’ve all met ourselves.
As we move into this next year and chapter, I’m choosing to be more intentional with my attention: a goal of more joy. Placing a greater focus on finding more goodness in the everyday. A new normal, made with more softness, more love, more gratitude and more flow.
With the season of giving, gifting and connecting upon us, the gifts the cannabis experience delivers seem a perfectly divine idea for us all to source more joy. While I’ve long secretly subscribed to a one-for-you, one-for-me kinda shopping spree, this year I’ll declare it boldly: more self love baby girl. We deserve it. Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for you, me and them - so we can all feel more joy this season. Peace and Love! x

Smokeable Blends

by Rebis Blends

there's actually a wide range of smokeable herbs and flowers we can include in our sesh for enriched benefits. This organic lineup from Rebis Blends delivers a flava for every mood: Lavender liftoff adds elegance all day, Green Dream soothes for sleep, and my favourite Hibiscus Sunrise (with honeyed chamomile and sweet hibiscus flower undertones) is a must for my first joint.

Purple Kush Candle

by Boysmells

Light it up and get the vibe right with this heady blend of cannabis, purple cassis, brushed suede, lilac, amber and white musk - a bouquet igniting the senses of every stoner nose. Their coconut and beeswax-based candles come in gorgeous high-gloss black glass canisters, destined to have a second-life once the candle is finished its delectable burn.

Green Queen Dangle Earrings

by Lit & Luxury

What we love about these earrings is how they stand out from the pot jewelry pack: the jade-inspired, bold danglers show off your love for the plant in an elegant, lightweight and joyful way. High style, indeed.

Druggist Weed Canister

by Jonathan Adler

We are salivating after the glamour that Jonathan Adler is delivering the at-home weed experience, with chic high-design ceramic pieces celebrating herbal medicines (and more). Taking inspiration from a vintage apothecary experience, the canisters, ashtrays and rolling dishes are on my holiday lust-list and worthy of any mantle.

Peak Smart Rig

by Puffco

Any concentrate connoisseurs would be thrilled to receive this electronic smart dab rig, a step-up from that regular dab life. With 20-second heat-times, temp control and no need for butane, this is a sleek, high-end way to get high.

Night Shift Ylang Ylang

by Latitude

Latitude, a new bloom by 48NORTH is a health & wellness brand aimed at women’s multidimensional wellness needs. A brand built for the female-focused Latitude community, their first drop includes luxuriously divine bath salts that offer both a THC:CBD experience with Ylang Ylang & Charcoal, a Lavender-Chamomile CBD bath experience, and Sex Pot intimacy oils infused with THC.

I Am Cannadian Sweats

by The Cannadian Life

It’s sweatsuit szn (as if it ever left) and this homegrown brand of cannabis-proud apparel offer some of the coziest co-ords out there, made from a hemp cotton blend, and each featuring a clever way for one to show the world they’re weed-friendly.

BC Organic Toffee

by Simply Bare

While I’m out I should probably pick up a sweet treat for my self, am I right? This organically-grown flower cultivar by Simply Bare is getting all sorts of buzz for its distinct terpenes and flavour profile: think of it like a toffee-tinged apple pie waiting at home, leaving you satiated, warm and cozy.

Carry Case Keychain

by Sackville & Co.

Every joint-smoker knows the pain: rolling up the perfect puff, securing it in the purse, bra or pocket, only to find that puppy resembling a wet noodle come the moment of truth. This carry case holder is as discreet as they come, with an airtight closure that seals in any smell in a high-style brushed gold aesthetic.

Ritual Monogrammed Case

by Rogue Paq

Celebrate the art of the cannabis ritual in highest sort of style, with this full-set of accessories by Rogue Paq. The black and gold set is the epitome of stoner luxury, featuring high-end accessories including gold-toned trimming scissors and packing tool, lizard or snakeskin lighters, UV glass storage jars with wax labelling, and Rogue Paq’s adorable #sendnudes matches - all in a vegan or leather, monogrammed case. Yes please.