Kelsey Ellis: The HELL YES! Girl

Introducing Kelsey Ellis, a body-positive fitness coach and dedicated content creator from British Columbia. With a commitment to fostering diversity, self-acceptance, and overall well-being, Kelsey has emerged as a prominent influencer within the health and fitness sphere. Spanning the past three years, her @healthy_with_kelsey platforms have cultivated a dedicated community of over 190K followers.

Kelsey’s online persona radiates positivity and warmth—so much so, that she has even been called “sunshine in human form.” She’s the fitness bestie and hype girl you’ve been searching for, creating content that educates and uplifts with relatability, inspiration and humour. 

Her practical advice for readers is to “listen to your body.” With the goal of achieving a balanced approach and preventing burnout or injuries, Kelsey recommends listening to those internal cues.

For a fulfilling and effective workout experience, Kelsey suggests embracing the beauty of the fall season by engaging in hikes and trail adventures. To sustain motivation, Kelsey turns to her personally curated “Healthy With Kelsey Hype Girl Hitlist” playlist.

Her daily strategy for nurturing mental health revolves around the liberating power of using the word “no.” By reserving agreement for opportunities that evoke an enthusiastic “HELL YES” sentiment, she has discovered a path to relief and genuine fulfillment.


Guided by her life motto, “Be the change you wish to see in the world. If you don’t see it, create it!” Kelsey’s work is a testament to her unwavering mission.

“What keeps me going is knowing that I am leading by example and creating a hypothetical ‘table’ that I wished had a seat for me when I was younger,” Kelsey says. “That gives me hope for the future and for other women that look like me.”

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