Mandy Nguyen: The Transformative Fitness Coach

Mandy Nguyen,, is a dedicated weight loss transformation coach, from British Columbia — with a focus on helping busy women.

Through her social media platforms, you can find fitness tips, workout videos, recipes, success stories, and insights that inspire people to reach their goals — while still savouring the foods they love. Mandy also sprinkles in some lifestyle content, including dressing up and going out to eat.

Her approach involves seamlessly integrating health and wellness into daily life. 

“I emphasize sustainable changes like having balanced meals, making quick and easy meals, regular physical activity, and finding joy in the journey,” Mandy said.

“It’s not just about short-term results; it’s about creating habits that last,” she added.

A quick and simple tip from Mandy that readers can implement immediately is to make small changes in their lives. 

“When it comes to long-lasting results, it’s important to emphasize that small changes can make a significant impact over time,” Mandy said.

As for valuable mental health strategies, Mandy suggests ditching the phone and avoiding those notifications at least for the first hour after waking up.

“I break this hour into three 20-minute blocks; move, reflect, grow,” she added.

Mandy also believes in cultivating sustainable habits. She added, “If you can’t sustain this for a lifetime, why even start?” 

This keeps her focused on a healthy and balanced lifestyle that she can maintain for years to come — as opposed to chasing quick weight loss results that will eventually reverse. 

Mandy added, “The best plan is a plan that you can adhere to the longest!”

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