Morgan Branch: The Naturalist

Meet Morgan Branch, @morgan.branch, the head of Strength, Conditioning and Athletic Development at 10XTO by Hotel X Toronto.

He has had a passion for all things sports from the earliest days he can remember. Through his online social media presence, he tries to represent himself as honestly as he can. “I’m very proud to be goofy, high energy, ambitious, motivating, and innovative with my training techniques/methods,” Morgan said.

One piece of wellness advice from Morgan is to “Sweat daily!”

“Everybody is different. For me, I’ve recognized that I much prefer to work out in the morning,” Morgan said, adding: “I have become addicted to an early heart rate elevation which sparks neurotransmitters releasing dopamine, endocannabinoids and serotonin AKA the feel-good chemicals!”

One practical piece of advice that Morgan recommends to implement immediately is to spend less time on the screen, and more time outdoors.

“You will find every step outside gets you closer to the real you,” Morgan said. “Be outside more often and you will cope with stress better, you will think more critically and you better appreciate this beautiful planet.”

As for specific workouts that Morgan finds enjoyable, combat sports at a local boxing club are his go-to. “They can seem intimidating, but once you begin you will find them to be quite the opposite of intimidating,” Morgan said.

When it comes to a guiding principle to live by Morgan emphasized: “Every day is a new day so seize it because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

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