NOBRO’s Non-Bummer Loner Valentine’s Playlist

NOBRO are a punky Canadian four-piece whose groovy, infectious new record Live Your Truth Shed Some Gnar has lifted our spirits this winter. They're about to tour the country with Billy Talent and are quite literally blowing up with grooves and spunk. In an effort to share their gift, and in a nod to Valentine's Day, which, like the tax collector, comes this week a-beating down your door, the women in the band have chosen some jams to help spark joy in the February cold. Turn it up, friends. Enjoy.

"Yeah, I said it" by Rihanna

Obvi Ri Ri.

"LSD" by A$AP Rocky

Only follows if you put Ri Ri, you have to put A$AP.

"Nights" by Frank Ocean

I mean it’s Frank Ocean—you put on Blond when you wanna get to know someone.

"Jupiter 4" by Sharon Von Etten

This song pulls you in.

"Tears in the Club" by FKA Twigs ft. The Weeknd

One of the catchiest songs this year yet and makes you want to have the best—and worst—that love can bring.

"Caretaker" by Shelley, FKA Dram, SZA

We’ve all felt like this.

"Light House" by Future Islands

You can dance to this song All Night Long.

"Bless the Telephone" by serpentwithfeet

An amazing song. So simple and beautiful.

NOBRO are touring now with Billy Talent in support of their new ep Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar. For more on the group, please click here. Also, to hear all these tunes, plus a bunch more to lift your spirits this Valentine's Day, or whenever you damn well please, click here to listen to their favourite songs.