On the Topic of Topicals

Topicals: the unsung hero of the cannabis category. Hear me out.
This small but mighty segment of the cannabis world, encompassing all things applied to skin, is building a bridge between traditional consumers of the plant and a whole new kind of user—one who may not be particularly interested in getting high.
Topicals encompass all cannabis-infused body products, from balms, creams, lotions, salves, bath salts, oils, and sprays. They offer users a way to benefit from the healing properties of cannabis, without intoxication.
When applied topically, cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin but don’t travel the bloodstream in a way that produces a traditional high. So one can receive localized benefits of the plant (like easing muscle soreness, pain, tension and inflammation) without the traditional psychotropic experience.
One quickly finds reason for adding a cannabis topical throughout the daily wellness ritual.
And when these skincare products are formulated with other additional herbal ingredients to known benefit (such as arnica for pain relief or lavender for soothing) they can deliver us a purposeful hit of plant-based medicine - despite companies not being able to make any real claims of efficacy.
One quickly finds reason for adding a cannabis topical throughout the daily wellness ritual as a result. A powerpack of anti-aging moisture for the face. A potent pain-relieving salve where it hurts most. An ultra-hydrating, soothing lip balm. An aromatherapeutic bath soak, infused with plant magic. Even an intimacy oil, designed to raise libido and increase enjoyment of sex. Need I go on?
And the research says the same: topicals are considered a high-frequency segment, with nearly 50% of topical consumers using products daily.
But despite the heavy-lifting these types of products can deliver, topicals still represent only 0.6% of cannabis sales, still small relative to other cannabis-derived products that dropped in the same 2019 product innovation wave.
Perhaps this array of botanical powerhouse products (disarming our pain while dismantling stigmas along the way) just need a little more love - and a few more champions. Discover some of my favourites here:



This modern apothecary brand (designed exclusively for women) has a lineup of purposefully-formulated products formulated with only wellness in mind - one of the reasons we shouldn’t expect to see flower from the brand. Instead, Madge + Mercer is bringing to market high-end offerings that fit seamlessly into one’s wellness routine and self-care toolkit.

This plant-based facial serum was developed closely with renowned dermatologist and author Dr Sandy Skotnicki, an expert in skin allergies. With a faint citrus aroma, this serum contains ingredients known to be anti-inflammatory and to help with redness, puffiness as well as being super moisturizing — especially for aging skin.

“Cannabis can really elevate a skincare routine. It’s healing, rich in antioxidants and can really combat inflammation, dryness and free radical damage,” says Dr. Skotnicki. “As women age, we know their skincare needs to change. We develop our unique formulas to address those needs and provide effective results.”

Daily Relief CBD Cream


A high-quality daily CBD cream delivering a higher-dose of CBD than other offerings on the market: double the potency of most other CBD topicals at 1,200mg of CBD per unit. With a scent reminiscent of fresh laundry, the cream soothes skin leaving a hydrated glow. This product calmed my summer sunburn while also soothing a stubborn patch of dry skin, a testament to the cannabis’ versatility.

The formula uses a Naturalipid Meadowfoam seed oil, a plant-based emollient found in high-end skin creams and valued for moisturization, transdermal barrier repair, skin penetration and unsurpassed stability. The result is a cream that promotes the fast, effective absorption of high-quality CBD extract so that the cannabinoids can get where they’re needed quickly, all the while soothing the skin by locking-in moisture without a greasy feeling.

Extra Strength Body Oil + Creme


This lineup of targeted pain-relieving products is formulated with ‘active’ plant ingredients, each for a specific therapeutic purpose. The Extra Strength formulations include the healing powers of arnica, juniper and mint alongside the healing properties of the cannabis plant - and leaves out fillers, parabens or any GMO ingredients.

The combination of the 1:1 Body Creme and Oil is my pain-relief prescription to ease the aches of sore muscles and the arthritis in my post-surgery hand. The Extra Strength formula is designed to provide relief from chronic conditions like arthritis, migraines, and carpal tunnel as well as short-term setbacks like strains, sprains, cramps, bruises, and sun and wind burn. Cooling and invigorating, it’s quick to absorb and with a little tingle that tells you it’s working.

Unplug 3:1 Lavender Cream


This ultra-moisturizing daily cream delivers a high-dose of hydration along with a high-dose of THC. The 3:1 ratio balm (400mg THC: 100mg CBD) with its smooth lavender scent, becomes the perfect wind-down ritual at the end of the day, grounding us in the power of our senses and returning us to our embodied selves. The other salves offer a scent range that includes Orange Citrus, Cucumber Mint or Unscented if you’d rather, and offer a range of dosage opportunities including a 1:1 Balance (250mg of both THC & CBD), a 3:2 Unplug (with 350mg THC & 150mg CBD) and an all-CBD salve titled Free, with 500mg CBD.



My love for Latitude’s SEXPOT is no secret: I once dedicated an entire article to the infused intimacy oil. This little bottle is like liquid sensuality: natural oils infused with THC designed to heighten arousal, pleasure and stimulate the natural chemistry of the body.

Not a traditional lubricant - more like an intimate massage oil, a bit of play with the silky smooth 400mg:20mg THC:CBD vegan oil blend (whether partnered or solo) inevitably sets the scene for erotic adventure. Key usage directions: just play. Since there’s no one way to experience pleasure, it’s for each individual to discover what feels good to them.

Because the product is meant to be used topically (instead of internally) you won’t get high - just your yoni will. Try it and get back to me.