One of a Kind: TdOG

Canada, meet my good friend Mr. Todd Pearl, better known in the dope game as TdOG the artist. As he is known to say in an introduction, “T, to the D, to the mother-lovin’ OG!”He's a living legend. You’re welcome.
Todd/Tdog started sketching and doodling in school, but by the time he was only 2, his talent had already been recognized. To say drawing came naturally to him would be an understatement.
At 21, TdOG moved out to California from Michigan, to pursue his art career, he became "resident artist and designer" for Radio & Records Trade publication, 2nd to Billboard Magazine. and by the time he was 27, Todd started his own design studio, and became much in demand. He has done amazing stuff. To note, he designed Snoop Dog’s full page ad in Billboard magazine for his debut single (DoggyStyle). From Springsteen to the Beastie Boys, Sting to the Clash... and so much more for Hollywood and the music industry. He made his mark. Then moved back to Michigan to marry his HS crush. Go figure!
Like many of us OG's, TdOG had lived a "covert" cannabis lifestyle for decades so when the time came for him to hang up the "corporate art" hat, his next move was a no brainer. The (not-so-new) expanding U.S. cannabis market and all the weed art (branding) it would need would be his next trip.
Beauty move, brother!
TdOG has worked with many cannabis brands, but not just any. The kind of art TdOG does differentiates old-school, OG brands with weed passion apart from the new "want-to-be" corporate brands who don't get weed or the consumer. Now, I know that some producers out there have passion and care about consumers so I'm obviously not referring to them (Oakum, Habitat, Broken Coast, to name a few patriots). True brand traction isn't something you can just buy.
In his spare time (hahaha!), TdOG is on a mission to illustrate all his favorite cannabis strains and to say his work is over the top would be an understatement. At a glance, the art pops off the page and that's why when I was introduced to TdOG by a friend on Instagram for the Ross'Gold re-brand I knew instantly I had found the right guy. Not only talented, but Todd’s "true form" character played a big part.
This is how I want my brand to connect as well, at a glance.
I asked TdOG how he thought Ross' Gold might be received south of the border and in true canna-fam fashion he replied, "When it comes to weed brother, there aren't any borders."
Check out TdOG’s story, paying proper tribute to Mother Earth’s finest strains, at TdOG the Artist also has his own apparel line for the culture @
Ross Rebagliati is a gold medal winning Canadian snowboarder, the proprietor of Ross’Gold and a contributor for kind magazine.