Wellness in Winter: Ontario’s Top Spots To Escape The Cold & Grey

winter wellness

We aren’t the first to say it and we certainly won’t be the last: winter can suck. Living in Ontario, or anywhere in Canada during January – April, you’re likely to experience some seriously gloomy days, bone-chilling cold, and a Vitamin D deficiency no supplements can combat. With all that, wellness can seem almost too far away.

Queue the feeling of wanderlust, either to warmer climates, or to places where you can truly quiet down and embrace the wintery landscapes instead of dreading and hiding from them. Without leaving the province of Ontario, there are so many spaces dedicated to fighting off your winter blues, and slowing down alongside nature.

Check out six escapes dedicated to lifting your spirits.

The High Acre

Where: 667 Harvest Rd, Dundas, ON

The High Acre has shifted the idea of a Victorian House-style bed & breakfast into a private, luxury wellness retreat that competes with even the best modern day spas. If leaving your room to attend the spa at a hotel is just too much travel for you, then you’ll love this spot where the spa is inside of your room!

The house’s main floor will have a small coffee bar and the cozy living room common area with a desk space for remote work. Following the long hallway, you’ll reach two (Eastman & Grightmire) of The High Acre’s four suites and stairs to reach the others. The second floor offers a spacious entrance to the Stotnick & Hudson suites, as well as a room dedicated to yoga, RMT, and other wellness workshops and practices.

Inside the suites are the main event, though! Each one is equipped with a stunning Ensuite Spa that includes: your own personal Hammam steam room with aromatherapy, a stand-alone tub with hot & cold contrast bathing, and your own private infrared sauna with tons of benefits. The bedroom will also have items like a red light therapy mask, guided mediation prompts, diffusers, and so much more to ensure a peaceful night of wellness.


Ste. Anne’s Spa

Where: 1009 Massey Rd, Grafton, ON

Enjoy the charm of an old world setting while you heal with rest and rejuvenation. Set on 400 acres of land, this rural spa hotel offering all-inclusive packages occupies an 1858 stone farmhouse and annexe, and is Ontario’s ultimate spa retreat.

As an all-inclusive destination spa, packages include complete access to all facilities, on-site cuisine, and an allowance to use towards their rejuvenating wellness classes and spa treatments. Staying overnight? From group spa cottages sprinkled across the 500 acre property, to rooms and suites located in the Main Inn, they offer a wide variety of accommodations.

ste annes spa
photo by Ste. Anne’s Spa


124 on Queen Hotel & Spa

Where: 124 Queen St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

If being in the heart of Ontario’s famed wine country isn’t enough, the 124 on Queen will have you returning time and time again to experience their Spa at Q hydrotherapy circuit.

Whether you’re staying at 124 on Queen or not you can access the spa, but there’s something extra special about walking just a few feet before reaching your room after a relaxing massage or restorative hot-and-cold hydrotherapy experience.

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating benefits of hydrotherapy across multiple sessions, promoting wellness and serenity.


Dimension Retreats

Where: 1218 Canopy Ln, Algonquin Highlands, ON 

Dimensions is a place to reconnect, an opportunity to heal and a path to lasting transformation. Whether this means you’ve been seeking a reset that’ll plunge you into wellness (kind of literally), or are looking deeper into yourself for specific healing work Dimensions has a spot for you.

Their extra-prepared approach means that from the moment you arrive, all the anxiety drifts away as every details down to the snacks, activities, and room temperature are arranged for you prior to arrival.

Winter Wellness retreats allow you to experience Dimensions in a more casual way as a ‘brief reset’ from daily routine. So many activities to promote wellness are included, but all participating is completely up to you! These are not limited to: a wellness treatments consult, daily group Forest Bathing, a group Sound Bath, a flotation therapy session in a sensory deprivation tank, Cold Plunge Therapy in Maple Lake, and more!

Dimensions is a cannabis-friendly retreat. 

photo by Dimensions


Scandinavian-Inspired Tiny Escape

Where: Old Diamond Lake Rd, Harcourt, ON

As part of a Nordik health ritual, this this Airbnb’s amenities will stimulate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual rejuvenation. Visitors can dip their toes in the outdoor cold plunge pool and hot tub, warm up in the sauna, and enjoy beverages, a book, or peace and quiet on their stylish deck.

A hot tub, sauna, cold plunge pool, hammocks, outdoor dining area, and outdoor lounge space allow ample opportunity to enjoy the surrounding tranquility of the forest.


The Beach Motel

Where: 21 Huron St S, Southampton, ON

This all-season escape is on Ontario’s west coast; giving a California-esque beach town feel in the summertime and a cute wellness escape in the winter. While the bones of a classic motel are apparent, from top to bottom The Beach Motel emulates boutique spa-like energy and upscale wellness.

Their suites feature thoughtful touches and luxe amenities such as European-plush Sealy mattresses, Manchester Mills 300-count sateen weave linens, Monarch Cypress Green Earth Eco towels, Re:mind Wellness all-natural custom scented shower and toiletry essentials.

Nestled beside the lounge (for hanging out, breakfast and evening drinks) is their wellness Spahhh. A sanctuary where you can escape the hustle of everyday life and sink into luxurious treatment beds for a well-deserved treatment from their menu.

And if that wasn’t enough wellness, The Beach Motel has now opened The Saunahhh! available for guests of the hotel to book in 20-minute sessions.


For more on The Beach Motel, check out our article Embracing Coastal Tranquility: A Retreat at The Beach Motel.