Organic is the Difference of the Green Organic Dutchman

“We feed the soil, not the plants,” says Kris LeBlanc, the legendary master grower of the Green Organic Dutchman, whose innovative, eco-friendly growing techniques helps his company extract more than fifteen terpenes per strain. “When you use chemicals and chemical sprays on your flowers, it creates an artificial environment and doesn’t make them grow well, but, when you use living soil, the way nature intended, you produce the truest, fullest expression of your cannabinoids—we just grow really great weed.”
Growing great weed is Kris LeBlanc’s obsession and he’s one of the growing OGs who, the moment you speak with him, makes you want to put your phone down and roll a joint. He says the TGOD method of organic growing—which is better for the plant, better for consumers, and better for the world—is scalable. LeBlanc isn’t worried about sharing TGOD’s secrets. 99% of legal weed isn’t organic, and that number is probably higher on the legacy market. LeBlanc, however, is both a grower and evangelist. He wants to see more companies convert to organic growing. What’s good for weed is good for him and his brand.
“I’m a farmer and I’m concerned about the environment, and organic growing is sustainable,” says LeBlanc, adding that he uses natural sunlight and regenerated soil on his cannabis plants, while avoiding all chemicals and composting 100% of his waste. “I’m not slighting other LPs, but the waste in their facilities is unbelievable. Organic growing, to me, is the right way to farm.”
Organic growing, to me, is the right way to farm.
Farming is second-nature for LeBlanc and he says that by growing plants naturally, whether it was tomatoes and potatoes in his previous life or Rock Star Tuna and LA Con today, organic farming truly differentiates his work. “Everything in the TGOD flower is from the earth,” LeBlanc says. “Our nutrients are from the ground and when you open a jar of our Sugar Bush, you can see a much denser flower and, when you smoke it, you get that nice ash. It feels as if it was grown in the forest or a jungle, not manufacturing in some kind of evil chemical science lab.”
The Green Organic Dutchman have been pioneering their growing methods since first receiving their Health Canada license and, in the ensuing years, have only improved their results and techniques. Strains grown by Kris LeBlanc like Cherry Mint and Maple Kush are reaching THC levels in the upper 20s, and LeBlanc says the energy in his Ancaster, Ontario facility is contagious. He’s been growing organic cannabis for nearly 25 years and his passion for his methods makes you wonder: why smoke anything else?
“People here feel pride in growing quality organic cannabis that’s knocking it out of the park at the same price point as anything on the legal or illegal market,” says LeBlanc. “Inhaling something that’s grown organically is even more important than eating food that’s grown organic and, when you smoke my weed and you don’t get that snap, crackle, pop from all of our competitors, I think it makes TGOD flower an easy choice.”
After talking to Kris LeBlanc from the Green Organic Dutchman, it’s easy for a cannabis lover to make up their mind.
It feels as if it was grown in the forest or a jungle, not manufacturing in some kind of evil chemical science lab.
What does organic mean to you?
Kris LeBlanc wants you to know your weed