Phil Mackenzie: The Do It All Dad

Ontarian, Phil Mackenzie, @leansquad, is a fitness influencer, entrepreneur and dad (to four boys under six). He has gained an immense following of 1.2 million people, across all of his social media platforms, by sharing the realness behind the camera.

Through his account, you can find transformative recipes and workouts, as well as the realities of parenting. On top of this, he has created his very own fitness app, called the LEANSQUAD, which is an online community that has helped transform the lives of thousands of individuals.

When it comes to integrating health and wellness into a daily routine, Phil believes that small, consistent actions can have the power to create significant positive change.

“Life is incredibly crazy with our four boys and also running my own business so I simply try to remind myself that small wins lead to huge wins over the long term,” Phil said.

He also strongly believes in getting enough sleep, especially for all of the parents out there. “Sleep is the KEY to your mental and physical health,” Phil added.

As for specific workouts, Phil’s go-to is a 30-minute full-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. “I find it incredibly enjoyable due to its dynamic nature and the sense of accomplishment it provides within a relatively short time frame,” Phil said.

Some mental health tips that Phil swears by include daily movement, proper nutrition, including a balanced diet, hydration and supplement upkeep. “I find if I do those things the rest of the dominos will fall into place and I will be in a better place mentally,“ he added.

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