Poetry In Motion

Inspired almost isn't a powerful enough word. Amanda Gorman ignites hope, excitement for change and belief in the next generation - belief in a better world. Fueled by precision, imagination and thoughtfulness with every word spoken, she left us all in awe of her dedication to her craft. We encourage you to follow along on her journey, as it will be one that makes all of us richer in her wake. For more on Amanda Gorman, see theamandagorman.com.
This original piece of art commissioned by kind is by Jayce Hall of Fargo, North Dakota, who portrayed the poet with words drawn from her inauguration poem, and her name inscribed more than 3,500 times. Jayce is building an incredible body of work, please follow him on Instagram and TikTok @jaycehallart or at jaycehallart.com. This spring, kind wishes all of you inspiration.