Product Showcase: Get To Know Canopy’s Leading Line of Vapes

Canopy Growth Corporation’s vapes are designed and produced with three key pillars driving product development: reliability, certification and traceability. Hardware and formulations are designed in house by the company’s Canadian R&D team and are assessed in tandem throughout every step of the development process to ensure optimal performance when paired.
All products are produced using the optional UL 8139 Certified Safe Manufacturing standard, meaning that each electronics component of the hardware—including the battery—is certified by UL prior to being available for purchase. UL, which stands for Underwriters Laboratories, is an independant, global organization and a world leader in product safety testing and certification. Most of the major electrical appliances in your house, for example, are UL certified—from fridges and dishwashers to vacuum cleaners, microwaves, even your cell phones.
Canopy’s 510 cartridges are designed using the highest quality of materials—surgical grade steel, borosilicate glass and ceramic heating technology—made to withstand high heat and reduce the risk of chemical leaching. All vapes are tamper-resistant, serialized, traceable through every step of the manufacturing process and go above and beyond Health Canada regulations.
The extract used in Canopy’s devices is a formulation of concentrated cannabis resin and can contain naturally occurring terpenes for flavour. No vitamins or minerals are added, no sugars, sweeteners, colours or stabilizers. No vitamin E acetate is used in any formulations.
In addition to the JUJU Power 510 battery and Tokyo Smoke LUMA battery currently available in stores and online, a range of branded 510 cartridges and LUMA pods are being released shortly. Soon to follow will be Canopy’s JUJU Joints disposable vape pens.
1 - JUJU Power™ 510 Battery
Canopy’s JUJU Power is a rechargeable and compact cannabis concentrate vape battery that is designed to be compatible with most 510 threaded cannabis concentrate vape cartridges on the market. It has buttonless activation, an LED power status indicator and a USB-C charging dock.
2-7 - Tweed, Van der Pop and Twd. 510 Cartridges
Pocket-friendly and puffable, Canopy’s 510 vape cartridges are compatible with most 510 threaded batteries and will soon be available from a range of Canopy brands including Tweed, Twd. and Van der Pop. Canopy’s vapes are made with cannabis and terpenes and contain no vitamin E acetate.
2. Tweed Bakerstreet 510 Cartridge: an indica-dominant strain. [purple label on mouthpiece]
3. Tweed Penelope 510 Cartridge: a hybrid strain. [pink label on mouthpiece]
4. Tweed Houndstooth 510 Cartridge: a sativa-dominant strain. [green label on mouthpiece]
5. Van Der Pop Eclipse 510 Cartridge
6. Twd. Indica 510 Cartridge [black lettering on mouthpiece]
7. Twd. Sativa 510 Cartridge [white lettering on mouthpiece]
# 8-9 - Tokyo Smoke Luma Battery
Bring your Intent to light with the Tokyo Smoke Luma rechargeable battery, featuring light and vibration notifications and designed with a unique, matte feel that’s evocative of stoneware. For use with Tokyo Smoke Luma Vape Pods. Comes in two colours: Daybreak (white) and Midnight (blue).
# 10-12 - Tokyo Smoke Luma Vape Pods
Tokyo Smoke LUMA Vape Pods deliver clear, smooth taste, thanks to precise ceramic heating technology, and are available across the Tokyo Smoke Intents. These premium formulas are thoughtfully curated without the use of carrier oils or vitamin E acetate. All pods feature Intent-coloured mouthpieces so you can easily identify your chosen cannabis varietal.
10. Tokyo Smoke Go Luma Vape Pod: Go (sativa-dominant) [yellow mouthpiece]
11. Tokyo Smoke Pause Luma Vape Pod: Pause (indica-dominant) [purple mouthpiece]
12. Tokyo Smoke Equalize Luma Vape Pod: Equalize (hybrid) [green mouthpiece]