Savour the Flavours: Montreal’s Croissant Crawl for a Pastry Paradise

Montreal, with its rich blend of French and Canadian cultures, is a city known for its culinary delights. Among these, the croissant stands out as a beloved pastry, and you’ll find exceptional versions all around the city. If you’re a croissant enthusiast, here are five amazing places in Montreal to get your fix of this buttery, flaky delight.


Located in the heart of Montreal, Lafrenaie is a renowned bakery that has been satisfying cravings for exquisite croissants for decades. The croissants here are perfectly flaky and boast a delightful buttery taste. Be sure to try their chocolate croissant for an extra treat.

Première Moisson

A true Montreal institution, Première Moisson is celebrated for its artisanal approach to baking. Their croissants are a testament to their commitment to quality. Crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside, these croissants are best enjoyed fresh with a cup of aromatic coffee.

Mamie Clafoutis

Mamie Clafoutis is a charming bakery that has garnered a dedicated following for its delectable pastries. Their croissants are made with high-quality butter, and the result is a rich and flaky pastry that is simply irresistible.

Le Cartet

For a brunch experience like no other, visit Le Cartet. This rustic restaurant serves some of the finest croissants in the city. Baked to perfection, their croissants are an ideal companion to their assortment of artisanal cheeses, jams, and freshly brewed coffee.

Olive et Gourmando

A hidden gem tucked away in Old Montreal, Olive et Gourmando is a cozy spot that offers a unique twist on traditional croissants. Their almond-filled croissants are a must-try, and the variety of croissant sandwiches on their menu makes for a delightful and satisfying meal. In a city as culturally diverse as Montreal, the croissant remains a symbol of its French influence.

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