Sex in the Time of Social Distance

When asked to be the sex and cannabis writer for kind magazine, I was excited to share my infused escapades—but then the world changed. A virus, a pandemic, a global and historical disaster. How much sex would I be having when the world was shutdown, protests were happening rightly, and we were all quarantined? Did I want to reminisce about all the wild times? As the world shifted, so did my focus, I went inward, of course with the help of cannabis (which I'd like to add became listed by our government as essential). Self-love, self-care. When I see those trending hashtags I usually roll my eyes. Who has time for that? Well, thanks to the current state of the world, I’ve found a little more "me time." (And yes, I see you, Gloria, homeschooling the children, but this deep dive into self-pleasure is also, maybe most importantly, for you).
I went online and started to fill my cart with infused teas and chocolate, pink Kush and blue dream. I thought to myself: "Ya baby, that's self-love."
With these uncertain and uncomfortable times, would I even be able to get out of my own head?
I arrived at my local dispensary to grab my curbside pick up, looking like a bank robber (quarantine chic) and grabbed the goods and headed home. I had big plans for myself tonight, and if nothing else, a great night's sleep. It was late afternoon, which was the perfect time to enjoy some pink Kush and a lil’ piece of Chowie Wowie-infused chocolate. Before long I had some tunes on and actually felt like having a bubble bath. "Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health," I’ve read. A smoke, some chocolate and a bath. I think I've covered the meaning of self-care. Now for the more intimate—relaxing my mind and my body.
I'm not saying we can't enjoy ourselves without cannabis, and of course masturbation can and does happen without the assistance of cannabis. I am saying that what if we all took a minute to appreciate and thank ourselves without guilt or shame? What if we forgive ourselves and others a little more freely? What if the world was trying to ask for a pause, a moment of calm, to heal, change and replenish? Self-love. Self and love. We have one's self and we have love. What else do we really need? Now more than ever in our lifetimes—one love my friends—and even you Gloria, I see you. I hope this finds you well. Take care of yourself, my sister. May you all take a minute to be kind to yourselves and each other … until we meet again.