I know we're all sick of hearing about COVID, but like it or not this virus is still impacting our current lifestyle. For this article in particular, I'm going to talk to you about 4 pairs of kicks that are not only cool but are coming to the rescue during these amended times we're living through.
I say this over and over and over again, Puma has some of the most underrated sneakers to date, and I find when people think of hot sneakers, they tend to completely forget about the incredibly diverse lineup Puma always has to offer. The RS-X3 is unbelievable on pavement, chunky, and offers amazing support but is also a shoe that is great for walking and exercising. It's pretty rare to have a sneaker that checks all boxes: they’re either pretty or practical, and I'm always weighing those options in my head when picking footwear. Because gyms are still closed, I've started playing tennis regularly on hard outdoor public courts. To wear a running shoe for that is practically a death wish, and I’ve already seen injuries from making that mistake. I did a lot of research and bought a high-end outdoor hard-court tennis shoe. I compared them to my pumas and there was no contest. The RS-X3 is a great city shoe, that you can also be athletic in and and they will elevate any athleisure streetwear look. They are 2020's do it all sneaker. They are definitely on my list.
You're probably like DUH! But because these are so classic I find they get excluded off of most lists. There is nothing like an all-white Air Force 1. I have them in lows and highs. They are probably my most “go-to” shoe for obvious reasons, but here is specifically why I love them for 2020. Let’s be honest: most of us have been in sweatpants (pyjamas) and hoodies for the last few months. I am not judging cuz same bro, same. BUT having an Air Force on hand is a very lazy and easy way to kind of give a shit. You could literally be in plaid pyjamas picking up takeout from your lobby and with a pair of all white AF'1's, you'll have actually elevated your look a bit. They make the list because they are the “zero effort” easy sneaker.
You know this list wouldn't be complete without including a Yeezy BUT! No, it's not the latest drop. I've included the 500 on this list. First released in December 2017, it's spawned a number of different colourways and patterns with the newest 500's having been released last month. The 500 has become one of the most iconic Yeezy silhouettes. The reason I love it for this 2020 COVID lifestyle we're in is because in addition to being stylish, and unique, it's an amazing standing shoe. I don't know about you, but I've never stood so much in my life as I have this year. You have to line up to get in every store, you have to wait extra-long for elevators because less people are allowed in, and I'm a voice actor so I spend a lot of hours standing in a recording booth. I've never been a good stander–my lower back gets destroyed, but the Yeezy 500's make it comfortable in addition to being pure fire–that is why they've made the list.
I think everyone has their favourite Jordans, and when you have your fave, you kind of overdose on the silhouette you like. For me, it's the classic Jordan 1. Not only do they look amazing, but when you remember what they represent it's just chills all over. For 2020 I'm really feeling the Jordan 1 Retro Black/White. It's an understated punch, and a sleek add to any outfit for day and night. The main reason why these are on my list of “Sneakers To Watch This Year” is because they pair really well with high-waisted 90's style denim which is 100% in line with 2020 jean trends. They will also be a sneaker you can keep in your closet, honestly... probably forever. They also have an amazing resale value. Check out a few of these pairs if you’re going to be investing in some new sneakers this year.
Heather Loduca is a voice actor, podcast host and a sneaker/thrift clothing enthusiast.
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