Sponge Cake With Serratus Infused Honey

Infusing the honey is a great way to control the dosage while cooking with a potent strain like Serratus. This Sungrown high-THC cultivar with a woodsy aroma that pairs nicely with the fresh berries and sponge cake. Sweetly spiked is our kind of dessert.
Sponge Cake With Serratus Infused Honey

21 grams of flour



Preheat oven to 245 degrees Fahrenheit; break up Serratus flower into small buds (do not grind it). Decarboxylate half of the Serratus flower on a baking tray lined with parchment at 245 degrees Fahrenheit for 20–30 minutes. Take the decarboxylated flower and break apart into small buds; put the Serratus flower and star anise into the Levo pod, and put into the Levo reservoir. Add honey into Levo reservoir and set temperature to 105 degrees, for 2 hours.


Sift flower, sugar and cocoa powder into a stainless-steel bowl. Slowly whisk eggs into dry mixture until smooth. Pour mixture into a whipped cream siphon and shake vigorously. Use two N2O chargers for the siphon.


Make 4 small slits in the bottom of the paper cup. Put the cup onto a plate and fill the cup up halfway with the mixture. (The mixture should look like an airy chocolate mousse.) Put in microwave for 40 seconds.


Whisk all whipping cream ingredients in a stainless-steel bowl to a stiff peak.


In a small pot, simmer sugar and water together until sugar is dissolved. Cut rhubarb into roughly pinky-width portions; add rhubarb into simmering simple syrup for 45 seconds. Add blueberries, infused honey and 3 tbsps of rhubarb simple syrup, and mix together.

In conjunction with Tantalus Labs.