Stop What You’re Doing And Go Get A Deck Of Cards

Take any NINE cards from your deck and deal them into three piles on the table, with three cards in each pile.
Pick up one of the piles and put it face-down in your hand. Pick up a second pile and put it on top of those. Finally pick up the last pile and remember the bottom card of the pile - then drop it on top of the cards already in your hand.
Right now everyone reading this is thinking of a different card. Don’t forget yours.
Now you may not know this, but every card in the deck has a first, middle, and last name. We’re going to mix the cards using the name of YOUR selection.
The first name of your card is the VALUE. Hold the nine cards face down and spell your cards value, dealing one card down to the table for each letter. So, if the card you chose was a queen, spell Q U E E N and drop the remaining cards on top.
Next, we’ll spell the middle name of the card. As it happens every card has the same middle name - OF. Pick up the packet and spell O F. As before, drop the rest of the cards on top.
Next, pick up the packet and spell the suit of the card you selected: spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs. Drop the rest of the packet on top.
Because different card names spell out with different letters (as few as 10 letters up to as many as 15) every packet is mixed up differently and your card is hopelessly lost.
Thankfully, kind is here to help. Pick up all the cards and hold them in your hand. Now spell KIND, dealing one card from the top of the pile to the table for each card. K-I-N-D.
Here comes the cool part. Even though you mixed the cards and we aren’t anywhere near you, if this worked something amazing should have happened. Turn over the top card of the ones left in your hand.
No way! It’s your card! You just did your first magic trick!
And the best part? If you memorize the steps to the trick, you can perform it for your friends and family next time you see them (in person or on Zoom).
And “sharing” really is the best part of any magic trick. So if you want to share incredibly fun and mind-blowing magic with your friends, family, or company party, head to to find out how you can!