Such Great Heights ft. David Ayres

David Ayres was a Zamboni driver when he got his NHL start, the oldest hockey player to get a win in his debut at 44-years-old. Called in for the Hurricanes against the Leafs in 2020, Ayres was brought in as an emergency netminder and, after letting two quick goals get by him, proceeded to shut down the Maple Leafs and make history.
“I told the guys, ‘If you score one more, I can shut this down,’” says Ayres, whose story is being turned into a Disney movie with Mark Whalberg in discussion to play the native of Whitby, Ontario. “In the third, the more they were shooting, the better I felt. I knew we’d win—and we did.”
Among the victories in Ayres route-less-taken life, including a bout back from a 2004 kidney transplant, includes a late-in-life journey with CBD. He learned about CBD from his wife, who was hiding it from him.
“I didn’t even know she was using CBD oil for sleep and anxiety, and I think that just speaks to the stigma,” says Ayres, who uses CaniMend CBD lotion on his knees and joints. “Athletes are reexamining CBD and people who may have stayed away are now like: I don’t want to miss out on this thing.”