Such Great Heights ft. Elias Theodorou

The world’s first professional athlete to receive a therapeutic use exemption for medical cannabis, Elias punched and kicked away from the stigma of weed. “I bulldoze my way through cannabis history, in the cage and fighting for what I believe in,” says Theodorou, 33.
For Theodorou, who consumes cannabis and CBD all day across multiple channels—raw cannabis infused in his smoothies, THC vaped and in tinctures, plus high dosage of CBD right before bed so he can remember his dreams—cannabis isn’t a drug.
It’s gotten him off opioids and painkillers and let him manage his pain with a flower. “The way cannabis has worked for me I think is going to open the eyes of many other athletes,” says Theodorou, who's next fight is in Vancouver this winter. “I feel the tides are going in the right direction and I’m just getting warmed up, getting focussed. The future looks good for cannabis in sports.”