Such Great Heights ft. Justin Renfrow

After going to a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks, Justin Renfrow took his talents to the CFL, where cannabis is not made an issue.
"I use it to help with pain and soreness and don't let it affect the workplace," says Renfrow, who’s even turned his mother around from being staunchly against weed to thinking it's a better alternative than taking prescription medication.
“Guys use it for different reasons—for nerves, for anxiety, for pain relief—whatever you do, that’s cool.”
Renfrow hosts ‘What’s Cooking, JR?,’ and says whether people prefer blunts, tinctures, infused sauces, or edibles, adults should have the freedom to do what they think is best. “Shout-out to Athletes for Care, because they provided a lane to break the stigma around cannabis,” he says.
“Cannabis makes you lazy? Before the season I was having two-a-day workouts; go home, do it again. Every afternoon, CBD-infused meal and every evening, THC and CBD in my meal and minimum soreness, none. Cannabis makes you lazy? Yeah, right. Look at me."