Such Great Heights ft. Mike Hart

At 27-years-old, Dr. Hart was finishing his residency when he first tried cannabis. Quickly, his life started to change. “I used it as a medicine, and it helped me with sleep and to treat pain and then it also helped me so much with the aches from after a super-hard workout,” says Dr. Hart, who put his practice on the line by coming forward about his cannabis usage as a popular medical doctor in London, Ontario. “It feels like the cannabis stigma is lifting and we all have a responsibility to vocalize about how we feel about this plant.”
Cannabis makes your life better, not worse.
The plant has worked wonders for Dr. Hart, who of course never would see a patient under the influence, but finds the plant working for him. Coffee, water, minimum alcohol, running, lifting, boxing and weed, properly dosed, keeps Dr. Hart running in his prime. “People just need to get comfortable with their CBD and THC ratios and experiment and find the right way to use cannabis that works for them,” he says. “Cannabis makes your life better, not worse.”