Such Great Heights ft. Ryan VandenBussche

After fourteen years in the NHL, Ryan has retired from the ice and, alongside his wife Lisa, launched New Leaf Canada, which is a nutraceutical health & wellness brand. When he was playing hockey, Ryan had more than 300 fights.
“I know first-hand what synthetic drugs do to one’s mind, body and soul over the long haul,” Ryan says, “and I also saw how cannabis helped my wife get through her cancer treatments and look forward to breaking the negative stigma that has plagued our society for the last 70+ years.”
Since Ryan retired from the NHL, he and his wife have become popular real estate agents and cannabis entrepreneurs. “When my wife was going through her chemo and radiation cancer treatments it depleted her energy, appetite and mood and when she started taking high concentrate THC and CBD it quickly increased her energy, appetite and put her in a positive state of mind,” Ryan says. “Watching this transformation was life changing and we will forever be thankful that we were able to access this plant medicine.”